Filters in My Account

The scanner enables working with pre-setup filters. Default filter the user is going to work with is called “DEFAULT”. To edit this filter you need to click on the icon with the pencil on the right of the filter’s name:

To create a new one, you need to go to “My Account” -> “My Filters” -> “Add filter”.

Later on you may edit and save all the needed filter settings.
Save” button is situated in the bottom right corner of the filter’s settings.

There is a possibility to set up multifilters in order to use both and more filters simultaneously.

For instance, you always bet 2way tennis  arbs beginning from 3%:
- 2way tennis arbs from 3% (required bookmakers Bet365 and Pinnacle)
- 2way and 3way football arbs from 2% (required bookmakers Sbobet and Pinnacle)
- 2way basketball arbs from 3%
- basketball middles beginning from 0%

To organize this issue in scanner you need to add some filters according to the above given parameters. In this case, it is much more convenient as you’ll see only those filters you have applied.

To set such an issue you need to fulfill the next operations:

1. Go to “My Account” -> “My Filters”

2. Click on the “Add filter” button and set up the filter for tennis (arbs from 3%, required bookmakers  – Bet365 and Pinnacle), click the “Add filter” button in the bottom right corner of the page. We can name it “Tennis” (Name field).

Click on “Add filter” again and set it up for football (arbs from 2%, required bookmakers – Sbobet and Pinnacle, number of outcomes – 2 and 3) and “Save”. Name it “Football”. The same we do with the next two filters and name them “Basketball” and “Basketball Middlaes”.

3. Ultimately, on the page with arbs you need to tick them on to be applied: