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Overvalue feature

New feature is now available in the Arb and Valuebet calculator - a percent showing how much the odds are overvalued in comparison with Avgline - the average odds for top bookmakers after the margin is excluded. A customer may rely on this indicator for the following purpose: 

  1. to choose a bet sequence that is up to be wagered in the Arb section. The first should be the outcome with a higher overvalue. 
  2. it is possible to bet only one outcome with the overvalued odds within a single bet without “covering” it. The strategy is quite profitable in the long run and with the right approach, seeing as the bet is made on lucrative odds.
  3. outcome overvalue percentage enables us to identify Valuebet overvalue more precisely, being the additional indicator. 

With the help of statistical data, our team has reviewed the top bookies that form the Avgline depending on the sport. Accuracy, velocity, and availability of Avgline for a particular outcome will increase in the future.