About us

BetBurger was founded in 2014, and since then more than 100,000 professional players from all over the world have used our service.

BetBurger is a surebet finder service. Our software collects odds from over 200 betting lines across 40+ sports including football, basketball, hockey and more. The collected data is analyzed for the presence of arbitrage situations (arbs), and the list with surebets is immediately provided to our clients.

In addition to arbing, we also offer data on Middles and Valuebets. Moreover, our customers not only have access to the Odds Comparison service, but also to a user-friendly surebets Calculator.

200+ bookmakers
40+ sports
100 000+ safe profit arbs
10%+ profit
Project launch

BetBurger had been introduced as a small start-up with limited functionality and a short list of scanned bookmakers and sports. At its launch, the scanner was working in Prematch mode.

Live arbs

Live surebets feature had been added, as well as the list of the scanned bookmakers and sports had been expanded. Opportunities for BetBurger customers to earn more money also increased.

New bookmakers and features

By 2016, our arbing service had already been scanning more than 70 bookmakers in 25 sports in Prematch and Live. Users were also having access to the wider functionality, which included multifilters with the ability to adjust settings, arbs sorting, online calculator for calculating bet amount, and many other features.

Service localization

We started localizing our software that helped us cover new betting markets. At that point in time, BetBurger already supported several language versions contributing to a comfortable environment for Spanish, Colombian, German and Austrian customers.

ValueBet launch

The Valuebet section with access to both Live and Prematch was launched in March 2018. The tool quickly made a name for itself and has been actively used by our customers ever since.

Entering the Asian market

The decision was made to enter the Asian market. China was number one on the list. Our team faced certain obstacles, including language barrier and restrictions which the Chinese market implies. But in half a year we started receiving our first customers, and eventually China has become one of the top countries.

Our software got replenished with various new bookmakers and sports. And by 2019, our arbing service had already been analyzing more than 100 bookies in 30+ sports. The Valuebet section was considerably improved as well.

eSports and REST API

Due to the SarS-Cov-2 pandemic, nearly all sporting events were terminated, and we agreed to focus on eSports. That enabled us to expand the range of sporting events, giving the chance to make money in times of crisis.

The year 2020 was also marked by several major developments: the design of our website was partially amended in July; REST API became available in December, thereby enabling our customers to create their own bots for surebetting and valuebetting.

New payment methods and streamlined layout

In 2021 we started accepting bitcoins through the BitPay payment system, offering our customers more payment options.

Surebet and Valuebet layouts were streamlined, resulting in much more convenient use of our product on mobile devices.

Improved Website and User Account

In 2022 we started working on improving our website to make it more user-friendly and modern. Changes were also made to the User Account section.

Also this year we’ve launched dozens of new clones and bookmakers, and added a widget to track the current scan statuses of particular bookmakers.

More options to pay for subscription

Along with the major website upgrade, we’ve worked on expanding the list of payment methods and developing new functionality. Thus, in 2023 we’ve added such payment systems as SafetyPay, CoinGate, PayPal, as well as the possibility to pay for subscriptions via Pinnacle cashback.

Among the new functionality we can't fail to mention the voting for new bookmakers and the already mentioned Pinnacle cashback feature. According to the results of voting of our clients, more than 10 new bookmakers have already been connected, and their list is constantly expanding.

Indian version of the site

In 2024 we have completed the translation of our website into Hindi, which will allow our Indian customers to operate with the service in their native language. As of today, the BetBurger website has been translated into 10 languages including Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish and more.