What is Sport Arbitrage Betting?

Sport arbitrage betting presents a possibility to bet on all the possible outcomes of the event at different bookmakers and get a safe profit no matter what the outcome is. Profit is within the units of percent from the stake or even less. Such a strategy is possible to apply in case of a difference between the odds of the same event at different bookmakers. Arbitrage betting situations more frequently appear on Live betting, for example in basketball.

Bookmakers are in constant competition towards one another. Therefore, situations when the odds are so much overstated that making a stake on one of the outcomes at one bookie and close it off at the other makes you get a secure profit regardless of the final score. That is one of the reasons of the arbitrage betting appearance.

Other reasons why the arbitrage betting situations may appear:
  •  - Bookmakers usually lose control of the each other’s actions, as there is no time to keep an eye on everyone and simply issue different odds;
  •  - Bookmakers can also make mistakes that cause wrong odds calculation.

Example of Sport Arbitrage Betting:

Our program scans such odds. Then, with the help of mathematical formulae our service calculates these arbitrage betting and inform us whom to bet to get a safe profit.
Let’s examine it on the particular example. We will take two basketball teams: Leicester Warriors and Westminster Warriors.
Due to the specific method of arb detection, our program finds the odds on this match and calculate them taking the following steps:

  • Scans the odds on the match Leicester Warriors vs Westminster Warriors at over 100 bookmakers;
  • With the simple math, the program defines the best odds and calculates them;
  • Picks out the most beneficial sport arbitrage betting situations to bet and get safe profit.

Let’s imagine that the service have found the best odds on Leicester Warriors vs Westminster Warriors and has given such results:


Let’s define the inversion (L) of the bookmakers’ results:


Thus, B1 would get 5.6% of the revenue regardless of the outcome, and B2 – 5.1%. Our aim is to identify the odds at different bookmakers in the way the inversion of the opposing results to be less than 1. That is the only way an sport arbitrage betting may appear:

  • 1. Now let’s count the inversion of results (L) for B1 and B2. Imagine that we bet on the win of Westminster Warriors at B1 and on Leicester Warriors at B2. In conclusion:


    Hence, the inversion sum of the opposing stakes is less then 1. It means that these two bookmakers are perfect for our following calculation.

  • 2. How much and what should we bet on? On condition that we have $1000 for our bets, the stake (V1) at B1 and the stake (V2) at B2 would be the following:


    Therefore, we have to bet $268.30 on the win of Westminster Warriors at B1 and $731.70 on the win of Leicester Warriors at B2 to get secure income.

  • 3. Now we will calculate the safe profit (Р) of the total sum of stakes that were made at the bookmakers in both cases.
    In case Westminster Warriors wins:


    In case Leicester Warriors wins:


    As far as we can see from the calculations, having $1000 in total, you can get $1046.33 of safe profit, where net profit is $46.33 or 4.42% of the total sum of stakes.

    In such a way, you have earned your first real money with sport arbitrage betting! Just imagine how much you can get betting much more money than here in this example. You can make a good penny!


Sport Arbitrage Betting tips

  • 1. The most evident thing that may lead to blocking your account is betting maximums. Try not to make high stakes, as it will certainly cause limitation of your account.
  • 2. If after calculations you have to stake a fractional amount of money, let’s say $98.37, it would be better to round it down to $100. Thus, you will not draw too much attention to your account, but may lose a minor part of your income.
  • 3. If your bet was confirmed or denied, do not send a request again. If you make duplicate bets, there is a good chance of exposing yourself to a bookmaker.
  • 4. Remember, do not bet high-percent surebets! If there are many stakes on one and the same surebet, the bookmaker will surely check it up. Adjust your account filters and look up for unique surebes only.
  • 5. The bookmaker will probably return your stake, if you bet on surebets higher than 10%. You would be lucky if you manage to cover the bet at some other bookmaker before losing everything.
  • 6. Your account would certainly be verified as soon as you send a request for withdrawal. If you frequently request for withdrawal, the bookmaker will surely check your account and even reject it in case of some minor non-compliances.
  • 7. It’s easy to trace you if you bet popular outcomes and championships. Do your best to avoid it and your account would live long!
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