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Instantly calculate surebets and get direct links to bookies’ websites. For free.
  • This calculator is fast and accurate. But it’s still manual.
  • The odds might change by the time you’re done typing.
  • Or, you might make a typo somewhere.
  • Best case scenario, your profit is not what you expected.
  • Worst case scenario, it’s not a valid surebet anymore and you wasted a bunch of time.
  • BetBurger lets you find surebets in real-time, calculate the correct amounts, and go to the bookies’ websites — instantly.
  • And it’s free to use.
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What is an arbitration situation?

An arbitration situation is a situation when the bookies evaluate the outcome of a sporting event differently, allowing the bettor (arber) to get a guaranteed profit by wagering bets on opposite outcomes. Our surebet calculator allows you to make a quick and accurate surebet calculation.

What may you need our surebet calculator for?

Our online surebet calculator will greatly facilitate your work, allowing you to instantly find and automatically calculate surebets at any bookmaker. With the help of it you can:

Just enter the initial data (outcomes, formula, odds, commission), and the surebet calculator instantly shows the sum to bet and your profit in the selected currency.

Save your time and efforts by using our free sure bet calculator!

Example of a surebet calculation

Let's try our surebet calculator and calculate the surebet for 2 outcomes on a real-life event. The event is Los Angeles Lakers vs. New York Knicks basketball game:

Bookmaker №1 has set its odds at 1.25 in favor of the Los Angeles Lakers winning against the New York Knicks. And at 3.9 in favor of the New York Knicks winning.

Bookmaker №2 set 1.43 for the Los Angeles Lakers to win and 2.85 for the New York Knicks.

We need to write down the 3.9 odd to W1 (the New York Knicks winning), and the 1.43 odd at W2 (the Los Angeles Lakers winning). We can see that the surebet has 4.63% profitability. This means that by wagering bets amounting to $219.5 (on W2) and $80.5 (on W1), we may get a guaranteed profit of $13.88 or $13.95 no matter the result.

However, if you work in Live mode, we recommend using our surebet service. It is more efficient, faster, easier than manual search for surebets and subsequent bets calculation with an online calculator.