Surebets as the key to success in betting

We help thousands of our clients gain an advantage over bookmakers and earn a stable income on sports betting.

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How it works

The service we created allows you to bet without risk: you earn money despite the outcome of a sporting event. Is this really possible? Yes, through the use of surebets*, which are calculated using elementary mathematical formulas.

*Surebets – mathematically calculated arbitrage situations that are formed due to the difference in the bookmakers' odds and allow you to place bets on all the opposite outcomes of the event in different bookmakers so that you get a profit at any outcome of the match!

The reasons for arbitrage situation appearance

  • 1. Overstated odds as a result of bookmakers competition.
  • 2. Bookmakers cannot keep the track of each other and give different odds.
  • 3. Bookmaker mistakes that lead to false odds calculation.

Our surebet service scans such odds and, afterwards, makes all the necessary calculations by means of mathematical formulas and informs you what and how much to bet on to get a safe profit.

You gain 5% - 15% profit from the total investment.

Profit calculator

Earn €90 and more per month

Initial bank is the invested amount that must be evenly divided among several bookmakers for further betting.
Initial bank
A betting strategy is a way of working with surebets. The simple betting strategy requires 2-3 hours of your time a day, while the aggressive one – 8 or more hours.
Betting strategy

Your income

€   90 / month
€   1095 / year

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Calculator shows the approximate level of income. The real profit directly depends on arber's knowledge and experience.

Surebet types

Surebets are typically distinguished by the number of outcomes (2way, 3way, multiway) and by the start time of the competition (prematch, live).

Prematch surebets usually appear in the upcoming competitions because of the odds difference between the bookmakers. Live surebets appear for the same reason, only in live events. And both of the types have their pros and cons.

Among the major benefits of prematch are low odds change and simple workflow. Shortcomings include smaller return and slow turnover.

Live bets are much more attractive with higher return and low risk, which makes them inappropriate for newbies owing to fast odds change and short lifespan respectively.

Surebet example

We have two basketball teams: Leicester Warriors and Westminster Warriors. There is a huge variety of bookmakers presenting various odds for Team1 and Team2 to win. By means of specially developed scanning technology our surebet service made the following steps:

  • 1. It scanned all the odds of Leicester Warriors – Westminster Warriors with more than 100 bookies.
  • 2. It defined the best odds by means of simple mathematical reckoning.
  • 3. It found and picked out the most beneficial surebets online for you to bet.

Let's assume that having scanned all the bookies for Leicester Warriors – Westminster Warriors competition, the scanner selected bookmakers with following odds

Leicester Warriors Bookmaker Westminster Wariors
1.25 B1 3.9
1.43 B2 2.85

Define inversion (L) for all the bookmaker results:

B1: L = 1/1.25 + 1/3.9 = 1.056
B2: L = 1/1.43 + 1/2.85 = 1.051

Accordingly, B1 counts on 5.6% of profit, and B2 – 5.1% under any outcome. Our aim is to define the odds in the way the inversion of opposing results to be less than 1. Only under such circumstances the surebet succeeds:

1. Inversion (L) for B1 and B2. Imagine B1 bets on the win of Leicester Warrior, and B2 – on Westminster Warriors:

L = 1/3.9 + 1/1.43 = 0.9557

As you may see, inversion for the opposing bets is less than 1, thus, both bookmakers are suitable for our further reckoning.

2. Bet calculation. For instance, we have $1000. The bets for B1 (V1) and B2 (V2) are the following:

V1 = 1000/(0.9557*3.9) = $268.30
V2 = 1000/(0.9557*1.43) = $731.70

Consequently, we have to place $268.30 on the win of Leicester Warrior (B1) and $731.70 on Westminster Warriors (B2) to get safe profit.

3. Net profit (P) from the total sum wagered:

In case Leicester Warriors wins:

P = 268.30 x 3.9 - (268.30 + 731.70) = $46.33

In case Westminster Warriors wins:

P = 731.70 x 1.43 - (268.30 + 731.70) = $46.33

We get $1046.33 from our total sum wagered ($1000) no matter the outcome. Net profit is $46.33 or 4.42% from the sum wagered.

Congrats! You earned your first money. And now imagine you're doing this so many times a day with sums way higher than in the example. Right, you can earn a pretty penny!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do I need to start working with surebets?
To get started, it would be enough €200-300. Having gained experience, you can increase your bankroll.
How many bookmakers do I need to work with?
To begin with, you can sign up with 3-5 bookmakers. Here you’ll find a list of advised sportsbooks.
What are Prematch and Live surebets?
Prematch surebets are formed in events that start after a certain time, while Live ones are generated in matches that are going on at the current time.
What type of surebets would be appropriate for a beginner?
Prematch subscription is highly recommended for people new to arbing, as it is much easier to deal with. Having gained experience, you can switch to Live and get even greater profits.