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Live arbs

  • Scan live events in 9 kinds of sport including tennis, soccer, hockey, biathlon and others.
  • Gather odds from more than 100 bookmakers.
  • Calculate a great number of in-Play arbs due to variety of markets.
  • Ensure quick up-time of bookmaker’s lines.
  • Free access to arbs up to 1%
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Live arb

Live arb is a mathematically calculated arbitrage situation which appears due to bookmakers odds difference in live betting. Consequently, you have a chance to to bet all the opposing outcomes of the event at different bookies and get profit!

Live arbs Pros

  1. Huge number of arbs with high yield
  2. Frequent odds change. Thus, great number of new arbs.
  3. Chances to get limited by bookmakers are lower than on prematch.
  4. Rapid bankroll return and hence rapid capital growth.

Only experienced arbers are advised to work with live arbs. It is due to quick odds change.

You have to have a great knowledge and experience to succeed with live arbs.

Working with us you'll:

  • Get an opportunity to invest without risk.
  • Possibility to get regular income from betting sports.
  • Safe bankroll increase at a geometric rate.
  • Support team and lots of other useful materials concerning surebets.
Working with us you'll

Live arbs are attractive for gamblers as their profitability is higher, bankroll is returned much quickly and risk to be limited is much lower than on prematch.
However, the odds are changing very quickly, so only experienced arbers are advised to work with them

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