The Notion of 1X2 betting and Moneyline

Moneyline and 1X2 line are the most widespread in the bookmakers’ market. They are very popular being the simplest in reckoning. Exactly with them begins every action line.
The 1X2 line is a bet on Team1 win, a draw and Team2 win. These bets are labeled almost the same among the bookies.

1X – Team1 wins or plays a draw.
2X – Team2 wins or plays a draw.
X – a draw.

This line looks pretty standard at all the bookmaker’s offices. At 10Bet, for instance:


The odds would be set out according to the patterns of other bets. They are formed in terms of who is the chalk and who is the dog. Consequently, the outsider (dog) has higher chances. A draw is inversely proportional to the implied probability of the given outcome. In other words, the higher is the probability of a draw, the meaner are the chances and vice versa.

But also the 1X2 line is too much of a risk. Firstly, match duration is nothing but the time for which the given line is presented. Such sort of information is offered in details in “Betting Rules” on the website of any bookmaker’s office.

Secondly, pay attention to team’s numeration. Sometimes, the bookie may turn it upside-down (marked blue). And after some time they place it as it should be. Thus you can make an annoying mistake. (Marathon example).



Pinnacle’s draw bet appears to be set near the bet on the outcome (marked green) though lots of offices place it in the middle.



Betting the outcomes you may observe 1X, 2X and 12 lines formation – double chance betting. Consequently, every bet contains two outcomes:

1X – Team1 wins or plays a draw
2X – Team2 wins or plays a draw
12 – Team1 or Team2 win

BetCity gives it this way (marked green):



1X will play off in case of Team1 ends in a draw or wins. 2X turns out to be a winning one if Team2 wins either ends in a tie. 
But what’s to be done with those sports which do not have a tie? Such as tennis, baseball, volleyball and actually all the rest which have to end up in a win of one of the teams.

For such a reason bookmakers thought up a way out – Moneyline. It is a line per se consisting of well-known bets: 1 and 2. The difference between 1X2 line and Moneyline lies in the absence of a draw (Sbobet example):



Lean and mean as you see. All you have to do is to decide what team you confide more.

Moneyline still has some exceptions. Some bookies offer it for those sports that have only two possible outcomes and in case of a draw they simply cancel the bet. As a result, it looks like a zero handicap.

Both variants of lines are alike but are used in different sports. But even here you can make a mistake because of carelessness. That is up to you to decide which step to take. Don’t chase a success, let a success chase you!