Asian Handicap in sports betting — explained & examples

Handicap bets are considered a fairly popular betting strategy in sports betting, so the bookmakers offer various handicap betting options. One of the frequently used types of handicap bets is the Asian handicap.

Newbie bettors often avoid these kinds of bets, but more experienced bettors actively use them to their advantage. In this article, we want to discuss peculiarities of Asian handicaps, understand its essence, and find out effective tips for successful handicap betting.

What is Asian Handicap — meaning

The Asian handicap means a handicap bet with crossed outcomes. This means not only the typical handicaps like "1" "0" or "+-0.5" bets, but also the quarter handicaps like "+-0.25" and "+-0.75". As you can see from the meaning of the handicap, the Asian handicap can be positive and negative.

Almost always, the Asian handicap is used for football (soccer) events, since the system was originally created for betting on football. The lines for these kinds of handicaps are predominantly based on the result of the match and the total number of goals scored. When wagering the Asian handicap bet, you can get 5 different outcomes, it all depends on the type of handicap:

  1. Win: the bet had hit, the bettor is to get a full win.
  2. "Half" win: half of the wagered amount is considered a win, and the other half of the amount is to get a draw no bet (calculated by 1.0 rate).
  3. Draw no bet: the bet is calculated by 1.0 rate.
  4. "Half" loss: half of the wagered amount is to get a draw no bet (calculated by 1.0 rate), and the other half is considered lost.
  5. Loss: the bet had not hit, the entire amount is lost.

Asian handicap examples

For a better explanation of the meaning, let's take the Champions League group stage match between "Ajax" and "Rangers". As a bet, we'd bet a "F1 (-1.25)" handicap at the 1.98 rate, by wagering $100 on the outcome. This means, namely, 2 bets of $50 each are being wagered at "F1(-1)" and "F1(-1.5)".

In the end, we have 3 possible scenarios for the outcome of the event:

Asian Handicap in Sports Betting


  1. Ajax win by 2 goals or more: the bet has hit totally, the winnings being $198.
  2. Ajax win by 1 goal: half of the bet gets draw no bet and the other half get lost, the payout will be only $50.
  3. Draw or Rangers win: bet has not hit, the stake is lost.

Variations of Asian Handicaps

The Asian handicap bet has 3 lines: Full, Half and Quarter lines. Let's analyze each type of AH bet.

Full Lines: (asian handicap 0, 1)

Full lines in the Asian Handicap mean a handicap bet with even numbers: (0), (+-1), (+-2), etc. For the bet to hit, it is necessary that the advantage of the chosen team is greater than the score specified in the bet. If the advantage matches the number specified in the outcome, the bet gets a draw no bet. In any other case - the bet is lost.

Example: let's take the match of the Premier League: "Manchester United" - "Leeds". MU win with a handicap of "-1" has a 1.74 rate. It means that if Manchester United wins with an advantage of 2 goals or more (2:0, 3:0, 3:1, etc.), the bet has hit. In the event of a minimum win of Manchester United (1:0, 2:1), the bet is to be calculated as a draw no bet, and any other result means a loss of a bet.

Half Lines: (asian handicap 0.5, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5)

The half line in the Asian Handicap is in charge of the bets with a half handicap: (+-0.5), (+-1.5), (+-2.5), etc. For a bet to hit, it is necessary that the result of the chosen team exceed the outcome indicated in the handicap bet, otherwise the bet is considered lost. Half line AH bets have no draw no bet options.

Example: Let's continue with the match between Manchester United and Leeds. This time we will wager a handicap (-1.5) bet on the Mancunians with the 2.34 rate. Manchester United's win by 2 goals or more (2:0, 4:1, etc.) will win the bet, and any other result will result in a loss.

Quarter Lines: (asian handicap 0.25, 0.75, 1.25, 1.75)

Quarter lines are the most intriguing handicap bets meaning a bet on a quarter handicap: +-0.25 and +-0.75. This type of handicap bets covers 5 possible outcomes at once, increases the chances of saving your stake. Moreover, the draw no bet option in this line means only the return of half of the stake, and the remaining half is to be considered as lost or won.

Example: And again with the "MU" - "Leeds" match. Now we are interested in 2 fractional negative handicaps for the home team: H1(-1.25) with the 2.08 rate, and H1(-1.75) with the 2.6 rate. For convenience, we'd wager 2 $100 bets. In accordance with the results of the event, we are to expect the following results:

 Payout at 1:0 scorePayout at 2:0 scorePayout at 3:0 score
H1 (-1.25) $50 $208 $208
H1 (-1.75) $0 $180 $260


Asian Handicaps list (Calculator)

To calculate your winnings, use our table prepared for you by the BetBurger team. Using our Asian Handicap table, you can easily evaluate all possible outcomes of a sporting event. Asian handicaps Calculator:

Asian Handicaps

Asian Handicap Betting Tips

The Asian handicap does not have any good winning strategies, so bettors use it at their own discretion. Still, there are some useful Asian handicap tips to keep in mind when wagering such bets:

  • use Asian handicap only for betting on football, hockey or basketball;
  • always analyze the teams thoroughly;
  • calculate the possibility of winning with various outcomes, then select the correct handicap (better use an online calculator);
  • minimize your betting risks: choose negative handicaps only if you are completely sure of the wing (in case of an odds-on favorite in the match), positive handicaps work well on outsiders or on equal opponents;
  • learn the BO's rules for betting Asian handicaps in live mode: very often the bookies only take into account the actual number of goals scored AFTER the bet is wagered.

Difference Between Handicap (European) and Asian Handicap

The European handicap and Asian handicap bets have much in common, because they are fundamentally built on the same principle. However, there are significant differences between the concepts. The classic handicap uses the even numbers only, the bet considering only 3 outcomes: win, draw or loss. The Asian handicap has more flexible betting structure (sometimes with partial draw no bet options), using both even and fractional numbers.

Let's look at the difference between a European and Asian handicap with the example of the Champions League group stage match between "Sevilla" and "Manchester City". We'd wager a bet of $100 for a confident victory of the visiting team, or rather on 3 outcomes: H2(-1.25) with the 1.835 rate, H2(-1.5) with the 1.98 rate, and H2(-1.75) with the 2.24 rate.

The final table with bets and suitable outcomes will look as follows:

Final scoreH2 (-1.25) payoutH2 (-1.5) payoutH2 (-1.75) payout
0:1/1:2 $50 $0 $0
0:2/1:3 $183.5 $198 $162
0:3/1:4 $183.5 $198 $224


Useful tip: when wagering a European handicap bet, consider not only the level of odds, but also the possible outcome of the match.

Pros and cons of the Asian Handicap

The Asian handicap has its own characteristics. Like any type of bet, the Asian handicap has its advantages and disadvantages. We have collected the main ones.

Benefits of Asian Handicaps

  • You can increase your chances of winning a bet by reducing the possible outcomes of a sporting event from three to two.
  • Leveling rates. The Asian handicap was created to equalize the chances between teams. Because of this, rates become more attractive.
  • Payback option. The player insures half of his bet. Of course, this happens due to a decrease in the odds, but nevertheless, the risk of a complete loss is also reduced.
But the main benefit of the Asian handicap is the variety it opens up to you. As an example: in a line I found a game of two equal teams, whose chances of winning are estimated equally 50% to 50%. In this case, I don't want to play a zero handicap of 2.20, because the draw is very real, and I don’t want to bet with a high probability of return. In this case I can bet +0.25 for 1.90. Of course, the odds are lower, but if the team draws, then I will not receive a naked return of the bet. (c) Artur Polianskyi, Betburger betting specialist.

Disadvantages of the Asian Handicap

  • Complexity. The main disadvantage of the Asian handicap is its complexity. It is the incorrect interpretation of events that entails financial losses for the player.
  • Limited markets. Not all bookmakers offer such a bet.
  • Presence of mixed outcomes. This is the case when the bet partially wins and partially pays off.

Betburger — The best surebet service

The Asian handicap can get you a fine "gain", but it cannot guarantee a stable profit over the long run. If you want to have a guaranteed income from betting, use the BetBurger service. The scanner will find any and all currently valid arbitrage situations and value bets in a matter of seconds, you just have to wager the necessary bets then. BetBurger is able to scan the lines of over 200 global bookies in over 40 sports so you'll always find a guaranteed bet with a "gain".

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