Bookmakers account verification

All data which you have indicated while signing up at a bookmaker's site may be checked for validity. This process is known as verification and its main aim is to eliminate frauds and others from the real gamblers.

In the course of verification the bookmaker checks the accuracy of presented data. In fact, data verification is a standard procedure for online shops. It may also be indicated at the bookmaker as identification, data check, screening.


Account verification: How it works?

In the first place, the bookmaker checks the identity and age of the gambler registered. Furthermore, it helps to prevent the occurrence of multi accounts (when one arber or a group of arbers sign up several accounts).

Bookmakers require the photocopy of your passport. Some may demand a notarized copy of the passport, a photo of the gambler with his or her documents or ask for a video call in Skype to have an interview. Besides, it might be necessary to send some other docs copies like driver’s license. Testing thoroughness depends on the sum withdrawn and bookmaker’s suspicion.

Verification is usually conducted in case of the first money withdrawal. However, it might be initiated later on. Normally, a usual set of documents is enough but, some bookmakers may even check your address. It may be verified by the following methods:

1) A bank statement. To get it you have to apply to the bank where you have your account and ask for a statement certified by a seal and a signature.

2) A letter with a code. This way of verification is used less frequently. A letter with a code  is sent to the address you’ve indicated. It should be input on the website of the bookie.

3) Utility bills. Full name and address of the gambler should be indicated there.



Account verification is a compulsory procedure at all the bookmakers. You don’t have to be afraid of it. The bookies cherish their reputation and save the data in encrypted form that ensures the security. All the fears concerning the usage of your personal information are absolutely unfounded. What matters is specify only your real info. Thus, you will have no problems with identification and there won’t be any troubles with withdrawal.

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