Dear users! We are working on adding new features and polishing existing ones every week. That allows BetBurger to be the best surebets and valuebets scanner on the market. To name a few recent improvements:

  • we've significantly improved scanner stability and data quality;
  • we've increased the number of supported bookies to 280 (including clones), so you can now work with more of your local bookies;
  • we've expanded into eSports so you can bet on 38 different sports;
  • we've added new markets to get you even more profitable surebets.

Not to mention search by surebets, calculator auto-refreshing, filtering bookies by country, and other minor improvements.

Our website is now also available in 12 language versions. You can now work in your native language with the local bookies you know.

With these improvements in mind, we're raising the prices across all packages starting March 8. You're free to order any package at current prices before the price increases. Visit our website to order surebets or valuebets plans.

If you want to extend your existing subscription at the current price, just order a new plan. The days will get added to your existing subscription.