And again great news for Chinese customers! We are glad to introduce surebet\valuebet pages, which were almost fully translated into Chinese* (including market names and the beginning time) - everything for your convenience using our scanner!

We'd also like to emphasize that we have recently added the Hong Kong odds, which you can activate in your Account settings or directly on the surebet\valuebet page.

*some minor things (eg. several market names) that we get from bookmakers in English are still shown at surebet/valuebet lists in English.



我们很高兴地介绍surebet \ valuebet页面,这些页面几乎完全翻译成中文*。使用 BetBurger 将更加方便!

我们还要强调一点我们添加了 香港赔率格式。进入您的“帐户”并选择“设置”选择香港赔率格式 。

*某些小事仍然显示在英语的surebet / valuebet列表中。