Dear customers! We’re constantly striving to improve the service quality and maintain the position of the best surebet and valuebet scanner.

Therefore, we have taken a strategic decision to merge both surebets and valuebets into one subscription. This has been a hot topic for us and many of our customers for years, so now we’re taking a step forward.

Our primary goal is to enable a sure bettor to make a decision basing on valuebet rates. And a value bettor, for his\her part, would be able to see the same odds that may constitute a surebet.

The merge would be moving gradually and the first step is scheduled for April 10, 2023, enabling all BetBurger customers to benefit from purchasing one subscription that includes both surebets and valuebets.

Below you can find the updated pricing to come into force on April 10, 2023.

  1 day 7 days 30 days 180 days 360 days
  Prematch € 9.99 € 49.99 € 159.99 € 799.99 € 1 449.99
  Live € 16.99 € 84.99 € 279.99 € 1 399.99 € 2 499.99
  Prematch + Live € 21.99 € 109.99 € 359.99 € 1 799.99 € 3 224.99

What will happen to the current Surebet subscriptions?

– All Surebet subscriptions that expire after April 10th, 2023 will be automatically switched to the new plan with access to valuebet section.

What will happen to the current Valuebet subscriptions?

– All Valuebet subscriptions that expire after April 10th, 2023 will remain immutable untill their expiry date. After you may purchase the updated plan manually.

Also let us mention some major improvements that were recently made:

  • Pinnacle Live scanning speed reduced to 1 sec.
  • e-Sports available with Pinnacle.
  • Bet365 scanning speed reduced to 1 sec for Live and 30 sec for Prematch.
  • Betfair exchange scanning speed shortened to 1 sec for Live.
  • Doubled up our team responsible for data parsing to speed up the problem solving process and be able to add new bookies, such as,,, .
  • Introduced the “bookmaker statuses” tracking widget.
  • Added the “overvalue percentage” to each bet in an arb.
  • Implemented the US odds format.

You're free to order any package at a current price before the price increases. Visit our website to get access to our surebet or valuebet plans.