We have the pleasure to inform you that a new feature is now available on the Propositions page of your Account - voting for new bookmakers. From now on, you can create your own proposals to add new bookmakers directly from your Account or vote for already existing requests of other customers.

How does it work (voting for existing proposals)

Sign In to your account and go to the «Propositions» page to see the list of available requests. If you want to vote for some of them – just click on a grey UP arrow next to the Bookmaker’s name. 

After you do this, the arrow will become green and your vote will be added (you can cancel your vote by clicking on this arrow once again).

How does it work (creating a new proposal)

Sign In to your account, go to the «Propositions» page and press «Request a Bookmaker» button. Next, enter the Name of the required bookmaker, its Website and Event Type of scanning.

After clicking the «Submit» button, your request will be automatically sent to us for moderation. Please keep in mind that it can be rejected for certain reasons (eg. you indicated wrong website or this bookmaker is already available in our list) but in most cases, it will appear in the voting list so that all our customers have a chance to vote for it.

We will integrate the bookmakers that lead the voting rating as a priority!

Please kindly note that only customers with a paid subscription can use this feature and request new bookmakers. However, all registered customers can vote for already suggested bookmakers on the list.