What is Game Line? The main types of bets

All bookmakers are looking forward to attract as much players as possible. They present different game lines for that reason. The more diverse the line, the more interesting the process of betting.

What is Game line?

Game line is a list of bets and odds offered by a bookmaker for a particular event. It includes various types: statistics, additional bets. Each bet has its value which may be changed to bookmaker’s discretion.  The line has different form depending on a bookie. Our aim is to examine it as a whole.

The most popular are correct score bets:

1 or W1 – Team1 win;
2 or W2 – Team2 win;
Х – a draw.

These outcomes form 1X2 line and Moneyline. The 1X2 line provides wagers on the following oucomes: 1, X and 2. Moneyline in turn present wagers on 1 (Team1 win) and 2 (Team2 win), which are usually used in sports where tie score is imposible.

Double chance is formed by combination of bets on correct scores like 1X, 12 and 2X, i.e. one bet includes two outcomes.

– Team1 wins or draws;
12 – a draw;
– Team2 wins or draws.

Handicap betting

Next are handicap bets. This type appeals to equalize chances of both teams in case one of them is obvious favorite. Favorite handicap has negative value, outsider - positive. Let’s imagine that Team1 is the favorite, then handicap line would look like this: H1 (-2) and H2 (+2). Handicap wagers allow users to play on much favorable terms.

Total bets

Total bets are placed on total score of the game. The bookie gives total score and two wagers: Total Over and Total Under. Thus, the score should be higher than total for TO to win. The same with TU: total line may look like this: ТO (5) and ТU (5). Total value depends on sports type (rules) and on competitors’ strength. 

Asian handicap

According to prioroty, the following are Asian handicap and Asian total. Per se, that are the same handicaps and totals but with quaternary value: AH1 (+1.25), AH2 (-1.25) and TO (1.75), TU (1.75). Pecularity of such bets is that your wager equaly divided between the next two wagers multiple of 0.5. Eventually, it’ll reflect on your profit.

3Way handicap

The 3Way handicap (European handicap) is the most difficult for understanding. The given line has three outcomes: 1, X and 2 with corresponding odds. European handicap is given as initial score, i.e. 0-2.

Handicap and total lines may include additional bets: additional handicap, total, individual total etc.

Additional bets

Additional bets may have different form depending on a bookie and sport: Odd/Even, HT/FT etc.  Here is an example of additional bet for Wolverhampton vs Nottingham Forest with Betcity sportsbook:

What is Game Line

Bets on statistics

Bets on statistics are presented by wagers on statistical data: number of corners, yellow cards, penalties etc. Do not mix up statistics with an ordinary line. They are very similar by form. Betcity gives a name of a championship including “Statistics” to not confuse it with others: Red/Yellow cards or Corners:

Detailed description of popular bets: 1Х2, Moneyline, Handicap, Total bets, Asian handicap, Asian total etc.

Our next articles will offer detailed information about each bet kind, peculiarities and interesting examples to help you figure it out.

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Artur Polianskyi
Dec 07, 2015
Artur Polianskyi
Dec 07, 2015
Artur Polianskyi
Dec 07, 2015