How Does It Work: Filters

BetBurger, 04.01.2016 author
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Today, filters are at issue. How do they work and what is the best way to use them?

The first is ‘Auto Update’ – your arbs are going to update automatically every few seconds. New arbs appear on the actual list and old arbs disappear from it also automatically. In case of turning this filter off, arbs won’t get updated.

‘Sound Alerts’ filter will inform you of new arbs on your list with the help of audible beeps. If you prefer it to be without any audio signal, just turn it off.

‘Show Popups’ option will indicate new arbs by showing up or down pop-up helps. In the meantime, this option is available only on Google Chrome browser. You may attune pop-ups in the way wherever you want them to appear.

‘Group Arbs’ filter created for you to group your surebets. Ticking it off, all the arbs for one event would be shown in one group.

Arb’s Percent

The bigger number you put in the first gap, the less arbs are available on the list.

The suggested value for the second gap is 10 at most. Putting it higher, you take a chance on the bet may be cancelled.

Bookmakers’ Filters

‘All bookmakers’ – mark those bookmakers on which you plan to bet.

‘Required bookmakers’ – mark the bookmakers which are going to participate in each arb.

For instance, if you want 10bet to take part in every arb, tick it on in ‘Required Bookmakers’.


The required kind of sport you may choose in ‘Sports’ section. Leave marked those sports which you would like to see participating in arbs.


You may select the required number of outcomes with the help of ‘Outcomes’ filter. Its usual amount is 2. Remember to tick three-way arbs on (‘3’), in case you want to use them as well.

‘Events till’ option will show you all the events beginning time of which is not later than the date stated.

‘Arbs on page’ filter shows you the required number of arbs on the page.

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