How to Make Predictions and Analyze Sports Events

Every player who wants to make sports bets and be in the black should learn how to analyze and predict the event outcomes. To make expert predictions, it is important to be well versed in statistics and available information.

The right approach to match prediction will help you boost your earnings, as well as add a positive flair from your steady wins. Want to become a pro? This article is what you need to correctly make sports predictions.

First Step: Choose a Sport

To begin with sports predictions, first you need to decide on the sports discipline. It is best to choose a sport that you are well versed in. If you are an avid badminton fan, you should not try to predict the result of a Formula 1 race.

There is no need to cover the abundance of sports disciplines because it is simply impossible to find out and keep track of everything. Just pick one or two sports and focus on them. Try to avoid predicting the matches of your favorite team, as you will not be able to adequately assess the situation. Unfortunately, fans tend to overestimate the chances of the athletes/clubs they support.

If you have no sports preference at all, just take football. This is the most predictable sport for betting, so you can always get acquainted with a lot of useful information and other experts' analytics to do your own expertise. Furthermore, soccer matches can be found whenever you want.

Sports Prediction: Essential Points

All professionals were once beginners and poorly versed in predicting outcomes. And even after gaining vast experience in betting, they continue to make mistakes, since sports are not pure maths. The essential difference between a pro and an amateur is the perception of the mistakes made as a valuable experience.

You cannot become a pro overnight, but you will have to spend much time doing a comprehensive analysis of sports events. Based on many years of experience, there are several crucial points that should be taken into account when making any prediction:

  1. Sport peculiarities. Each sport has key factors that influence the outcome. The illness or poor health of one athlete in a team sport will not particularly affect the result, but it can be crucial in individual sports. The weather conditions and field state may affect performance in certain sports (soccer, tennis, golf). Therefore, you need to understand the features 
  2. Experts and bookmakers assessment. Do not ignore other experts' opinions when making a forecast, because other cappers may “see a bit more”. Bookmakers' position is reflected in their odds value, you should not blindly go against them.
  3. Odds movement. Always pay attention to significant changes in odds. In most cases, meaningful odds downturn or upturn is related to certain circumstances that affect the outcome of the match. Sometimes, the odds movement is caused solely by massive bets on a certain outcome.
  4. Media field. Examine news over a particular team/player, because even a trivial point may affect the result: conflict within the team, divorce/arrest of the player, dissatisfaction with the coach's actions, etc.

How to Make a Football Prediction

Many players are trying to find out the answer on “how to predict football bets” because this particular sport is the most popular all over the world. However, it is not too easy and you would also have to spend a lot of time analyzing upcoming football matches. Do not place a bet solely relying on the name, line-up, or odds, it is important to consider the crucial points before forming the final prediction:

  • opponents level;
  • current form;
  • head-to-head meetings;
  • motivation;
  • teams schedule;
  • match venue.

Let's take a look at each of these points separately.

Opponents Level

Most football matches have a favorite and an outsider. If the names of the opposing team do not tell you anything, take a look at the standings. Due to the location of the clubs in the national championship, it is possible to determine the formal leader of the match. For UEFA and national team matches, you should use the UEFA and FIFA ratings (club and national).

Opponents level


Current Form

The current game form of the players is the principal criterion for making a prediction. Investigate the latest matches of both teams, taking into account the level of their opponents. The staffing situation at the club is also a core aspect, as even a grand in danger of losing to a clear outsider because of the abundance of injured and disqualified players. 

Head-to-head Meetings

Explore head-to-head meetings, they store a lot of hints. Almost every club has a historically inconvenient opponent, a meeting with whom can guarantee a loss of points. Even the leader of the championship is capable of stumbling twice a season on the same outsider, and the current form has nothing to do with that.

Head-to-head Meetings



Players' dedication on the field may not always be complete, and it is all about motivation. Most often, motivation depends on the team's standings. Key points to look out for when analyzing team motivation:

  • the team focuses heavily on the championship, playing in the cup in a much less invasive manner (or vice versa);
  • match against a principled opponent (derby);
  • the team needs to win at any cost.

Teams schedule

It is not uncommon when the favorite team's tight schedule helps the outsiders draw or even win. This is especially true for the participants in European competitions, for whom the victory in the European arena means much more than in the national championship. Lack of rest may also significantly affect the outcome of a professional sports match.

Teams schedule


Match Venue

The match venue is an important point when making a prediction. It is not uncommon for a team to win largely due to the huge support of their fans. Therefore, you should not ignore the home field factor, especially when the club performs well in front of its native audience.

Prediction Analysis Software

As of today, you can find a lot of programs on the Internet for analyzing matches for various sports. However, you should not really count on their help. They often analyze just some trivial information, which is certainly not enough for a correct prediction. 

Such analysis software may serve as just something to think about, but should not be the principal factor when choosing a bet. It is better to spend more time on a thorough analysis than blindly trusting the software. It is the qualitative analysis that is the key to success in sports betting.

In a Nutshell

Everyone can make predictions for sports events, the main thing is to figure out how to analyze bets. Another question is that even the most balanced prediction does not guarantee 100% success. That is why many bettors prefer to work with surebets that bring a permanent and guaranteed income.

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