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Today we’re going to dwell on the oldest betting broker - Sportmarket, which operates since 2004.

Betting broker is a bridge between the gambler and the sportsbook. Broker enables you to manage several bookmakers at once via single system account.


Talking specifically about Sportmarket, it includes the following bookies and exchanges: Pinnacle (PS3838), ISN, SBObet, 3et, JAbet, Penta88, Singbet, Brokerage service, Betfair, BetDAQ, Matchbook, SPM.

Sportmarket benefits

One of the undeniable benefits of Sportmarket is its reliability. Therefore, the broker operates for 14 years already, and thousands of customers all around the world used its services.


Unlike the competitors, the broker has a great variety of sports. That is the reason it stands out on the backdrop of the opponents, since most brokers allow betting only 1-2 sports.


In the meantime, Sportmarket accepts wagers on football, basketball, American football, tennis, baseball, hockey, rugby union, cricket, box, MMA and eSport.


Loyalty to surebettors is another strong point of the broker. In Vodds and Asianodds reviews we’ve already mentioned the betting broker profiting from bookmakers which belong to the system as a percentage from the gamblers’ cash flow.


Accordingly, Sportmarket and other brokers are interested in multiple wagers the gambler make, and hence it makes absolutely no sense for them to reduce the maximum bet.


Concerning maximum bets, Sportmarket offers high limits on bets from the very start. Moreover, the bettor always has an opportunity to make several bets on the same outcome with relatively close or the same odds with different bookies, thereby increasing the maximum bet.


Sportmarket drawbacks

Aside from many undeniable advantages, there are also some drawbacks. Unlike most competitors, this broker has a large minimum deposit (€250).


However, there's a lot of angles to consider. Anyway, these €250 will be on your account and sooner or later you'll use them for betting.


Another Sportmarket disadvantage (as well as other brokers) lies in the weak variety of outcomes.This is particularly the case for Live events.


The reason is that mainly Asian bookmakers are connected to the broker. In fact, they don't really encourage their customers with a great choice of bets.


Adding some cons, we’d like to mention the fee for deposit/withdrawal and service charge for inactive account. According to the information presented on the Sportmarket site, they do not charge any fees for Sportmarket Pro accounts but may review accounts and close accounts that fail to reach a monthly turnover of €2,500 a couple of months in a row. Unfunded and inactive accounts will also be closed but can be reopened if you wish to start using the service again.


Concerning the deposit/withdrawal fee, it amounts to 1% of the transaction (but no less €10). Furthermore, the commission for the transaction is charged using all available payment systems, except for the bank transfer and MuchBetter.


To sum up

Today we've reviewed one of the best betting brokers, which is in demand among surebettors.


If you want to add Sportmarket to your account, go to "Your Account" and select it "Bookmakers" tab.

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