Sports betting in the USA: useful tips


As of today, more than 20 US states have legalized online sports betting and the list is growing constantly. Now the residents of the United States are able not only watch their favorite sports events, but also make a profit from it.

How to make money on betting in the USA

As a result of the US government's UIGEA Act of 2017 prohibiting online betting, the bookies closed their doors to US bettors. In consequence, the bookmakers have lost a significant part of their profits, and bettors have lost the opportunity to bet at their own fun.

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Since then, a lot has changed, and if before 2006 the bets were really being wagered mostly for fun, now, in 2022, when online betting is already legalized in 20+ US states, the bettors are really able to make guaranteed profit on betting.

It’s become possible with surebets. Surebets in sports betting mean the arbitrage situations arising due to the bookmakers odds difference for opposite outcomes of sports events. Such differences allow one to bet in such a way that the bettor wins no matter what the outcome.

Here's a simple example: you wager a 200$ bet on TU 2.5 (total under) at 2.09, while wagering the same amount on TO 2.5 (total over) at 2.14 with another bookmaker. At the end of the event, no matter the outcome, you will earn (200*2.09) = 418 - 400 = 18$ or (200*2.14) = 428 - 400 = 28$ of net income. And that's just from a single bet! 

Surebet scanner and its advantages

The main purpose of the surebet scanner is to simplify the work process with arbitrage situations so the bettor gets the opportunity to make a decent profit from betting.

Our surebet scanner analyzes the odds of dozens of bookies (including those from the USA), identifies the surebets, makes all necessary calculations, resulting in generating a list of current arbitrage situations for our customers. The process literally progresses in a matter of seconds.

Sports betting in the USA with BetBurger


The bettor only needs to choose a suitable surebet, wager necessary bets, and wait for the end of the event to get guaranteed profit.

A reasonable question may surely come up – why can't one search for surebets manually? You undoubtedly can. But the manual search is a very time-consuming process: the search for each arbitrage situation can take up to an hour or more, significantly reducing the potential profit. Obviously, for the same time, you can wager up to 5 surebets with the help of our service!

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BetBurger is an indispensable assistant not only in operating with surebets, but also with valuebets, which are also very popular among bettors.

What are valuebets?  

Valuebets are the bets wagered on the overestimated odds, i.e. when the probability of the selected outcome to win is much higher than that in the bookmaker's opinion. Our valuebet scanner is made to identify such odds, generating the list of them for our users' further use. You only need to place the necessary bets.

Valuebets allow to make a significant income in the long run, and also involve low risks in comparison with other gambling systems. That's why thousands of bettors from all over the world make their choice in favor of valuebets.

How US bettors can benefit from using BetBurger

At this point, BetBurger has all the necessary functionality to ensure our US customers' comfortable surebets and valuebets management, leading to a tangible guaranteed income.

For example, our surebet and valuebet service analyzes the betting lines of a number of bookmakers from the United States (and popular in the US), which means that you will be able to work with the familiar bookmakers:

  • BetMGM (live + prematch);
  • FanDuel (live + prematch);
  • DraftKings (live + prematch);
  • TwinSpires (live + prematch);
  • Foxbet (live + prematch);
  • Bodog (live + prematch);
  • BetOnline (live + prematch) and clones;
  • Bookmaker (live + prematch) and clones.

In addition to the above mentioned bookmaker list, we scan more than 100 bookmakers from all over the world, so you’ll always have a good selection of surebets and valuebets at your disposal.

Sports betting in the USA


Also, for the convenience of our users from the USA, we have added the American odds format, as well as American kinds of sports, including: 

  • American football;
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Cricket;
  • Rugby;
  • Hockey;
  • MMA.

All this, along with the extensive functionality of the service (surebets calculator, hide menu, multifilters, accounting tool, etc.) allows you to operate with surebets and valuebets as efficiently as possible.

Sounds good? Join BetBurger* now and start making betting profits like hundreds of our US customers!



*you can pay for BetBurger subscription using all the popular payment methods, including Visa / MasterCard, American Express and Discover (via Stripe), and others.

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