Half time/Full time bets in football (soccer)

Nowadays, bookmakers offer so many appealing betting options, especially on football. Just in order not to lose their customers, they have to provide their clients with an excessive choice of different deals.

Not so long ago, the betting world welcomed another type of bet - it’s the one on half time/full time. It became popular among gamblers lightning fast, so almost all bookmakers offer it in the meantime.

What half time/full time bet means

A half time/full time bet is a wager made simultaneously for the half time, and the full time result of the match. You have to predict not only the outcome of the first half of the game, but also the final outcome. The bet will win only if both predictions are correct. Let’s suppose that a gambler places on X / W1. A draw is required in the first half, and the home team (first team) has to win the match in order the bet to succeed. In fact, half time/full time is a kind of a double bet consisting of two parts.

What half time/full time bet means

The odds for this type are usually high since it’s very difficult to predict the outcome correctly. In most cases, it is used in football. Professional gamblers often apply it in the competitions where bookmakers offer not the most favorable prices for moneyline on a favorite.

Half time/full time outcomes

Above, we’ve figured out the concept of the half time/full time strategy and found out what it means. Now let’s move to the outcomes. There are 9 main outcome types:

  • W1 / W1 - victory of the first team in the first half, and in the whole match;
  • W1 / X - victory of the first team in the first half, and draw in the final;
  • W1 / W2 - victory of the first team in the first half, and victory of the second team in the match final;
  • Х / W1 - draw in the first half, and victory of the first team in full time;
  • Х / Х - draw in the first half and in the match;
  • Х / W2 - draw in the first half, and victory of the second team in full time;
  • W2 / W1 - victory of the second team in the first half, and victory of the first team in the whole match;
  • W2 / X - victory of the second team in the first half, and draw in the final;
  • W2 / W2 - victory of the second team in the first half and in the whole match.

Bookmakers can designate these outcomes a little bit differently, indicating the names of the teams. In any case, the first value before the slash (/) shows the result of the first half of the competition, and the value after the slash indicates the final result of the competition. Tied results can also be mentioned.

Apart from the main outcomes, there are several additional ones. For now, these are the bids on the effectiveness of each half (half time/full time + total goals) and double chance. Now let’s dwell on the second option more thoroughly.

Double Chance in half time/full time betting

As a rule, double chance implies two possible outcomes of a match but it works differently in the half time/full time betting. The first value (the score of the first half) always remains identical, but the second value (the final score) consists of two wagers (W1X, W1W2, XW2).

In that regard, let us consider a particular example - X / XW2. This combination will be a winning one if the first half ends in a draw, and the fixture overall is tied or won by the guests (the second team). The bet won’t win in other cases.

There are also 9 double chance options when in comes to half time/full time:

  • W1 / W1 Х;
  • W1 / Х W2;
  • W1 / W1 W2;
  • Х / W1 Х;
  • Х / Х W2;
  • Х / W1 W2;
  • W2 / W1 Х;
  • W2 / Х W2;
  • W2 / W1 W2.

Pros and Cons

The half time/full time strategy has its pros and cons just the same as any other betting system. Actually, there are not so many, and only one point can be singled out.

Advantage: high odds, especially in games without an obvious front-runner.

Disadvantage: it is extremely difficult to predict the accurate outcome. To guess the result of the first half is even more tricky than to predict the outcome of the whole competition. Even the obvious favorite may save up the strength in the first half, and achieve the desired result only in the second half.

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Expert advice

As a matter of fact, there is no slam-dunk strategy for half time/full in sports arbitrage. It turns out that there is no checklist for winning, using this type of strategy. Nevertheless, experienced gamblers have made a list of useful tips that can significantly increase your chances to succeed:

  1. Carefully check out the statistics of the teams, including head-to-head meetings.
  2. Determine the motivational point of each team.
  3. Clarify the situation with team squad.
  4. Analyze the competing teams' tactics and learn their game style during each half of a game.
  5. Monitor match news for any important details.

Basically, gamblers use the half time/full time strategy just in order to increase the odds when there is a game between a favorite and an outsider. That is when a player is confident in a victory of one of the teams, but does not want to place a regular winning bet at low odds. However, you should not forget that even the front-runners do not always win in the first half.

We have also collected several pieces of experts’ advice that are crucial for this type of wagers:

  1. First half tie is quite a common thing when the stakes are high and the tension is enormous. For example, it happens quite often in the National Cup / Super Cup finals, the European Cup playoffs, World Cup / European Championship, etc. In such fixtures, opponents do not hurry to take risks and open up. They study each other for a long time and delay the turning point until the end of the game instead.
  2. The outcome directly depends on statistics. If an outsider is likely more active at the end of the game, and a favorite likes to take it easy after a goal or two, you should take a closer look at the “Favorite Win / Draw” betting option.


Many gamblers choose half time/full time picks due to sky-high odds, but chances for a correct prediction of the outcome are quite miserable. This strategy will not provide you with a stable income either in short, or in long term.

If you wish to get a good and regular profit, it’s better to use surebet or valuebet strategy. BetBurger will definitely help you out with that, as far as it collects and analyzes quotes of more than 100 popular bookmakers in more than 35 kinds of sport. With its help, you can increase your ROI and earn good money on a regular basis.

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