What does a unit mean in sports betting

Each bettor is to determine the amount of its bet for itself, but in the world of betting there is a general term for this - a betting unit. It is this term the bettors call the unit of measurement used to determine the betting stake.

As you may have guessed, it is about the units, and practical application thereof that we intend to analyze in our article.

The meaning of unit in betting

Unit here means a unit of measurement used by the betting industry for convenient and standardized calculation of betting amounts. The size of one unit may be absolutely anything, because it depends on the size of the bettor's stake, the financial capability of the bettor, as well as the chosen strategy. With units, the bettors control their risks, stay within their budget, and avoid emotion-driven decisions.

Usually, one unit is equal to the amount that the bettor is willing to wager on a sports outcome. For example, if someone says "I bet 10 units on this outcome", this means that one is ready to wager a bet in the amount of 10 pre-set amounts from its stake.

Important note: in the world of betting, there is a possibility of losing (unless you operate with surebets), so it is important to choose the unit size wisely, and strictly adhere to the chosen strategy.

Betting unit - how much is it?

The size of the unit depends solely on the bettor's decision, and financial capability. There is no ultimate fixed unit size applicable to all bets. Most bettors choose from 3 to 5 percent of their betting stake as a unit, however, some professional bettors adhere to more conservative views - in their opinion, the unit of measurement must be no more than 0.5 percent of the stake.

One must remember that the unit directly depends on the size of the stake, as well as on one's the willingness to take risks. Because of this, you must never bet more money than you can afford to lose.

How to determine the size of a unit for yourself?

Determining the size of a unit for yourself is an important aspect of managing a betting stake. We have collected the basic recommendations for the correct determination of the size of one's betting unit:

  1. Account for a size of your stake: firstly, the size of the unit must be based on the available betting stake. As we have already mentioned, lots of betting experts and experienced bettors recommend wagering 3-5% of your stake per betting unit.
  2. Account for existing risks: try to reflect the level of risk acceptable to you in your bettting unit. With a cautious approach, you'd better use a smaller unit size (about 0.5-2%), but if you are ready for higher risks, wager a large unit (5% of the stake).
  3. Adjust to the strategy: remember that the size of the unit must also reflect the chosen strategy. Use a smaller betting unit if you're betting for a long-term result. for you have more time to wager then. If your strategy is designed for the short term, then it is more correct to use a larger unit size (for faster income).

Feel free to try a variety of rate units, listen to the advice of experts to choose the size that suits you best.

What does it mean when a bettor claims winning +100 units in a season

If a bettor claims to have won +100 units in a current/any other season, then this means that the bettor has increased its stake by 100 units. The exact amount of earnings of such bettor depends on the selected size and currency of the unit. For example, if the selected size of one bet (unit) is $25, then +100 units mean an increase in the stake by 25*100 = $2 500.

At first glance, +100 units look highly provocative, but do not trust such bettor's pretty words. Lots of such "professionals" do not report the size of the selected unit, and in fact such claim may hide $1. In such case, an increase of 100 units may mean a stake increase of meagre $100. Surely, a +$100 and a +$2 500 are completely different levels of income.

Of course, you may earn a lot of units by correctly predicting the outcomes of sports events, but professional bettors do not brag about their successes at every turn.

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