What Is a Sharp in Sports Betting


Far from all bettors are able to make a stable profit from betting — lots of them make do with mere 40-45% of successful bets. However, experienced bettors have a long-term betting success rate of approximately 55%, which is already considered a solid performance. And then there are so-called sharps — the bettors with a regular successful rate of a 60% or more. Let's talk about them in this essay.

Sharp Betting Term Meaning

The sharp term is being widely used in the betting world, with several definitions. The most common one meaning a successful bettor.

Sharp is a bettor making smart and consistent bets. Basically, such kind of bettors have a narrow specialization and are well informed about all events in their chosen type of sports/championship. For the sake of a successful bet, sharp can scan and find out any aspect affecting the team's game.

The bookmakers often adjust their odds set for an event, depending on the sharps' bets. There are 2 reasons for this:

  1. Such kinds of bettors are capable of making highly accurate predictions.
  2. The sharps bet on a large bank, contributing to the odds fluctuation.

What is sharp money in sports betting?

What Is a Sharp in Sports Betting?

Sharp money is the amount of funds wagered on a certain bet. At the same time, the bet is being made by a bettor or a group of bettors with an opinion even the bookmakers listen to. Basically, these type of bets helps the bookies to calculate the correct odds for sports events.

Smart bettors do not bet randomly, they thoroughly research the situation around the match, as well as inside it, and then select the BOs with the highest odds set for the event they are interested in. This kind of bettors bets only with an advantage over the bookie.

For sharps, each bet is a long-term investment with the predetermined bank, and they do not seek to recover their losses at all costs after the first loss, since they have their own long-term strategy. 55-60% of successful bets within 12 months is considered an excellent performance.

Sharp Bookmakers

Many bookmakers are slowly changing their odds, resulting in surebets and value bets. However, there are bookies having properly effective line processing, called "sharp bookmakers". This type of bookies sets their odds for the events just so that they always tend to the true probability of the outcome of the event.

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Sharp bookmakers use complex mathematical models in their working systems, combining them with trading models. With their help, the odds get automatically moderated along the entire line of the market. For example, such bookmaker is to update the odds for an event just a few seconds after the news about the injury of the star player appear.

Sharp bookmakers have low margins, but maximize their own profits with large bets and accurate coefficients, meaning that their clients are mainly the bettors with large banks. Asian bookmakers are famous for their line update speed.

Soft Bookmakers

Soft bookmakers are utilizing a model of slow odds update for the events. This type of the BOs generally focuses on typical bettors who do not attentively monitor the situation on the market.

Sharp Bookmakers

The odds set by the soft bookies do not always reflect the real probability of an event, and usually are the opposite of the true situation. The line may get "delayed" for several hours before being updated. This is done deliberately, in order to increase the bookie's own profits with the help of rising the number of bettors.

Betburger — The best surebet service

Sharp bettors have huge experience and know the subject of their chosen type of sports. The bookies track the bets of such bettors, as well as the ordinary bettors. However, you should not count on solid success from copycatting the Sharps' bets for they may lose as well. As well as tracking their strategies in the market may get very time-consuming.

If you intend to make a stable and guaranteed profit from your bets, then it may be more correct to use the BetBurger service. With its help, you may be able to get all valid surebets and value bets for over 40 sports in mere seconds. This service is able to significantly save your time and help you increase your income from sports betting.

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