What is Sports Arbitrage Betting?

Sports Arbitrage (arb) – is a mathematically calculated arbitrage situation allowing making stakes on all the opposing outcomes of the competition in different bookmakers. You earn in spite of the outcome! Thus, sports betting turn into investment method with a yield more than 10% of the amount invested on a monthly basis. This is a sports arbitrage betting.

Which Leads to Arbitrage Situations in Sports? Bookmakers are in constant competition towards one another. Therefore, quite often they set overstated odds. As a result, sports betting arbitrage (arbs) arise.

Other Reasons of the Arbitrage Situations Appearance:
  •  - Bookmakers can’t keep track of one another's actions. Consequently, there is a difference between their odds.
  •  - Bookmakers’ mistakes that lead to wrong odds calculation.

Arbitrage Betting Example

We scan such odds, and then applying mathematical formulas to calculate arbitrage situations (arb), report where and how much you need to bet in order to get a guaranteed profit.
Let's suppose, there are 2 basketball teams “Leicester Warriors” and “Westminster Warriors” that will play in a few days.
Our arbitrage betting service using a specially developed scanning technology does the following steps:

  • It scans all odds on the upcoming match Leicester Warriors vs Westminster Warriors at over 100 bookmakers.
  • It defines the best odds among all possible, and applying simple math calculates sports arbitrage situations (arbs).
  • It picks out the most beneficial arbitrage situations (arbs) and reports where and how much you need to bet for getting guaranteed income.

Let’s imagine that after scanning bookmakers on the match Leicester Warriors vs Westminster Warriors, our service has selected the following odds for further calculations:


Then, we defined the amount of inversion (L) of the bookmakers’ results:


Therefore, B1 would get 5.6% of the revenue regardless of the outcome, and B2 – 5.1%. Our aim is to identify the odds at different bookmakers in the way the inversion of the opposing results to be less than 1. That is the only way, sports arbitrage situations (arbs) may appear.

  • 1. Let’s count the inversion of results (L) for B1 and B2. Imagine that we bet on the win of Westminster Warriors at B1 and on Leicester Warriors at B2. In conclusion, we get:


    Thus, the inversion sum of the opposing stakes is less than 1. It means that these two bookmakers with corresponding odds are suitable for arbitrage betting and we continue our calculations.

  • 2. Let's calculate how much and where we should bet. On condition that we have $1000 for our bets, the stake amount (V1) at B1 and the stake amount (V2) at B2 would be the following:


    Therefore, we have to bet $268.30 on the win of Westminster Warriors at B1 and $731.70 on the win of Leicester Warriors at B2 to get a guaranteed income.

  • 3. Now let's calculate the amount of guaranteed profit (P) of the total sum of stakes placed at the bookmakers in both cases.
    In case Westminster Warriors wins:


    In case Leicester Warriors wins:


    As we can see from the calculations, having $1000 in total, we are guaranteed to get $1046.33 in spite of the outcome of the match. In this case, net profit is $46.33 or 4.42% of the total sum of stakes.

    In such a way, you have earned your first real money using arbitrage betting! Just imagine how much you may earn on arbitrage situations if betting up to 10 times a day during a month!


Sports Arbitrage Betting – Tips for Newbies

  • 1. The first thing that may draw bookmakers’ attention to your account is the stake amount. It is desirable to avoid large and maximum stakes on arbs as it may cause suspicion and lead to limitation of your account.
  • 2. If after calculations you have to stake a fractional amount of money, let’s say $98.37, it would be better to round it up to $100. Thus, you will not draw too much attention to your account but may lose a minor part of your income.
  • 3. In case your bet was confirmed or rejected, do not send a request again. Duplicate bets are one of the surest ways of exposing yourself to a bookmaker since a regular gambler is limited to only one bet per event.
  • 4. Quite often, many arbers begin to bet on the most profitable sports arbitrage situations. Remember, the more stakes on the same arb, the more reasons the bookie to check it up. Try to find unique arbs only. This can be done applying the filter settings in your account.
  • 5. Don't bet on prematch arbs with a yield more than 10%. With a high probability, the bookmaker will return your stake, referring to a typo or an error in the line. You would be lucky if you manage to cover the bet at some other bookmaker or your second bet wins. Otherwise, you may lose all money you have bet.
  • 6. Any request to withdraw funds is the reason to check your account. Try not to make requests for withdrawal too often or immediately after deposit as this may lead to a thorough check of your account. The bookmaker may reject the payout to ascertain the circumstances, suspecting even minor violations.
  • 7. Try to avoid arbitrage betting in unpopular championships and outcomes. You will be easily recognized because of a low number of bets on such events.
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