Making stakes at bookmakers there is always a possibility to lose all your money. To keep you safe, we’ve created a service that will bring you profit no matter what. How is it possible? It is all due to surebets using particular mathematical formulae for its reckoning.

*Surebets is a particular case of arbitrage allowing making stakes on all the opposing outcomes of the bookmakers’ competitions. You earn in spite of the outcome!


The reasons of arbitrage situation appearance are trivial:

  1. Overstated odds as a result of bookmakers’ competition.
  2. Bookmakers cannot keep the track of each other and give different odds.
  3. Bookmakers’ mistakes that lead to false odds calculation.


We scan these odds. Afterwards, we calculate the arbs by means of mathematical formulae and inform you what and how much to stake on to get a secure profit. You receive 5%-30% profit from the total investment. As your initial capital would constantly grow due to your winnings, you may see your profit in terms of GP:


How does it work? Let’s take up an example:

We have two basketball teams: Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls. There is a great variety of bookmakers presenting various odds for Team1 and Team2 win. By means of specially developed scanning technology and arbs calculation our service goes through the following steps:

  1. Scans all the odds of Los Angeles Lakers – Chicago Bulls match in more than 100 bookies.
  2. Defines the best odds with the help of simple mathematical arb reckoning.
  3. Picks out the most beneficial arbs for you to bet and gain safe profit.


Let’s assume that having scanned all the bookies for Los Angeles Lakers – Chicago Bulls competition, scanner selected bookmakers with such odds:

 Define inversion (L) of all the results of bookmakers:

Accordingly, B1 counts on 5.6% of profit, and B2 – 5.1% under any outcome. Our aim is to define the bookies’ odds in the way inversion of opposing results to be less than 1. Only under such circumstances an arb comes to pass:


1. Let’s calculate result inversion (L) for B1 and B2. Imagine B1 bets on Chicago Bulls win, and B2 – on Los Angeles Lakers:
As you may see, inversion of opposing bets is less than 1. Thus, these two bookmakers with their odds are suitable for our further reckoning.


2. Now let us calculate the sum to stake. For instance, we have $1000. The sum (V1) for B1 and B2 (V2) are the following:

Consequently, we have to stake $268.30 on Chicago Bulls win (B1) and $731.70 on Los Angeles Lakers (B2) to make our safe profit.


3. Net profit (P) from total stakes:

In case Chicago Bulls wins:

In case Los Angeles Lakers wins:


We may observe that we get $1046.33 from our total stake of $1000 no matter what the outcome is. Net profit is $46.33 or 4.42% from the sum staked.

Congrats! You have earned your first money. And now imagine you doing this a lot of times a day with sums way higher than in the example. Right, you may earn a pretty penny!