Surebet calculator

In Surebet Calculator you may check and choose the odds on the same outcome within other bookies. Chosing another bookie, direct link is being renewed and odds are recalculated. 

Variants of use are different:

In case of odss change, you may choose other bookie to “cover” yourself.
It’s easier to define which bet is worth making first. 
It’s advantageous for value bets (those who make only one stake) as it’s clear when the odss greatly differ from others. False arbs are also seen distinctly

Moreover, next to each odd there is a figure in brackets showing the number of 2way arbs over 0% with this outcome. Consequently, the higher is the number, the bigger chances of making this stake first.
In case one of the opposite odds have changed, you may choose another odd to cover it over. The bigger the number in brackets, the more bookies you may choose to win it all back.