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Value Bets

Value bets represent bets on the odds, that profit in the long run. This is due to the fact that the valuebet odds are higher than the “world line” odds (“world line” odds provide a real chance winning).

Working principle

Valuebet section provides bookmaker outcomes where the odds are overstated compared to TOP-bookmakers. Meanwhile there is a possibility of independent bookmaker setting according to which the Valuebet search would be conducted.

We also advise you to check out the article in our Blog where you can find the valuebet formula with illustrative calculation examples.

Default configurations

Valuebets default search is set by two bookmakers (WilliamHill and Bet365) with 20% limitation on yield. In order to get value bets you need, you should put a checkbox next to those bookies you plan to use. You can also manage Valuebet yield percent.

You’ll see the bets with the selected bookmakers in the layout. Clicking any bet on the left (1), it instantly opens in the calculator on the right. You can also insert a return amount (3) so the system is able to reckon the amount to bet. (4)

You can check out the odds other bookies provide on the same outcome in the drop-down list. (2)

Default currency (5) is USD (6), and return amount - 100 (3). You’re free to alter the settings in your Account (Bookmakers tab).

All you need to do to make a bet is press the outcome (7) in the calculator and get redirected to the bookmaker’s page (betslip\main page). Insert the amount to bet, which was reckoned in the calculator and make a bet on the needed outcome. After you can move it to the accounting (8) and use the Hide option (9).

Enhanced filter setting

All valubet settings for Live or Prematch can be applied in the Valuebets tab, Multifilter section in your Account or just by pressing “More” option in quick filter settings on the layout page.

The list of settings for Prematch and Live is almost the same as for Surebet Prematch and Live sections. It includes:

  1. “Hide decimals” and “Hide quarters” - selection of the way the outcomes are displayed. (e.g. TO(1) or H(-1.25)).
  2. “Matches on Break” - select matches on break, for example, when it’s a timeout (for Live only).
  3. “Periods” - certain periods selected. More info here.
  4. “Age” - time range in min (Prematch) and sec (Live).
  5. “Index” - odds range by outcomes.
  6. “Are in min” - minute range for football matches.
  7. “Sports” - kind of sport.
  8. “Countries” - country selection to get displayed in the layout.
  9. “Types” - outcome group selection.
  10. “Events from” and “Events till” - bet range by the beginning time for Prematch.
  11. “Included Leagues” and “Excluded Leagues” - leagues to be included or excluded from the layout. However, there are some unique parameters we’d like to focus on more closely:
  12. Value bet index. Here you indicate the minimum number of sportsbooks for valuebet calculation.
  13. Bookmakers for Valuebet calculation. Here are indicated bookmakers, in comparison of which odds are searching Valuebets at Bookmakers for Valuebet display.
  14. Bookmakers for Valuebet display. Here you need to select bookmaker(-s) which you expect to find value bets with.
  15. Valuebet percent. It's a yield percent, according to which you can set the value bet range.

You can also sort the bets in the scanner, group them by event, set notifications or autoupdate.

Valuebet section in use

Let's examine a specific example of using our Valuebets platform.

Imagine we’d like to find value bets with Marathonbet. We select, for instance, three sportsbooks in the Value bet index field.

Then in the Bookmakers for Valuebet calculation field we put a checkmark next to “Check all”, and in the Bookmakers for Valuebets display field we choose Marathonbet.

Eventually, we get the list of outcomes with Marathonbet that overpriced in comparison with at least 3 bookies from all bookmakers (we have set “Check all” in the Bookmakers for Valuebet calculation field):

If you have any remarks or suggestions concerning valuebet software improvement, you can freely write them down here.