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Value bets represent bets on odds that give income in the long run. This is due to the fact that value bets odds are higher than “world line” odds ( the “world line” displays close to the real probability of winning).

How Does It Work?

Our Valuebets scanner helps to simplify the work with the above-mentioned game system. It will perform for you all the time-consuming process of finding outcomes with overstated odds.

To search for such outcomes, our system uses a formula that compares odds of bookmakers for Valuebets display with the odds of TOP-bookmakers, excluding margin in the latter. The formula is as follows:

ValueBets Tool

BC = odds of a Bookmakers for arbs counting; P = Payout; BD = odds of a bookmaker for Valuebet display;

Why does not it include margin? The point is that odds of bookmakers for Valuebet display may be considered as overstated only in case they are higher than the odds that determine the real probability (i.e. without the margin).

Let us consider a vivid example that demonstrates the working principle of our Valuebets tool.

Example of Searching for Overstated Odds

Bookmaker for Valuebet display is the bookmaker that searches for Valuebets (overstated odds).

Bookmakers for arbs counting (TOP-bookmaker) — is the bookmaker, in comparison of which value bets are searched at the Bookmaker for Valuebet display.

Payout is the refund amount for bets on opposite outcomes for a total of 100.

In other words, the higher the margin of the bookmaker, the lower the payout. The payout for our formula in the Bookmaker for Valuebet display will be equal to 100.

According to the calculation results by means of the formula, the odds of 1.99 are overstated by 2.25%.

So to put it another way, we beat the bookmaker by 2.25%, as their line is wrong. We determined this by checking the odds for a certain outcome at our bookmaker and at several TOP-bookmakers.

Read more about using our Value Bets tool and setting it up in the Manual section.

Potential income

In the above formula example, we found an outcome with overstated odds by 2.25%. Let us take this percentage as an average to see how much profit we will get in the long run.

For example, it’s possible to get $225 by placing 100 bets of $100 on an overstated percentage of 2.25%. Therefore, making 3-4 bets per day on 2.25% with the initial bank of $300-500, we get $225 in a month, which is almost a double of the initial bank.

As we can see it ultimately works out pretty well. The longer the distance, the higher is the profit. However, 2.25% is hardly a limit.

Managing our service

We figured out the work of our service, so now we can check out the particular example of how to use it.

Valuebets default settings are set for two bookmakers (Bet365 and William Hill). TOP-bookies (for calculation) include all bookmakers with Minimum arbs count - 5. We may proceed to editing the filter for more convenient work:

Imagine we’d like to find value bets with Marathonbet. We select, for instance, three sportsbooks in the Minimum arbs count field.

Then in the Bookmakers for arbs counting field we put a checkmark next to “Check all”, and in the Bookmakers for Valuebets display field we choose Marathonbet.

Eventually, we get the list of outcomes with Marathonbet that are overestimated in comparison with at least 3 bookies from all bookmakers (we have set “Check all” in the Bookmakers for arbs counting field):

There is another way to search for value bets with the help of our scanner:

  1. Select sharp bookies (Betfair, Pinnacle, Sbobet, Dafabet, 188bet etc) in “Bookmakers for calculation”.
  2. Select those bookies you plan to bet with in “Bookmaker for display”.
  3. Minimum arbs count: 2-3.

Then we get the list of overstated outcomes, which profit in the long run since we we bet the odds higher than 2-3 TOP bookies (with the strongest line and correct probabilities).

Given that Live odds change rapidly, you can set the Valuebet’s age from 10 seconds. This would increase your profit, even though the number of bets would probably be lower.

ValueBet Tool Features

1. Simultaneous use of several filters.
2. One-click navigation to event or betslip.
3. Accounting tool.
4. Enhanced multifilter settings (more in the Manual).
5. Sorting by arb percent, valuebet percent, age, beginning time and minimum arbs count.
6. Independent selection of TOP-bookmakers.

Valuebet Tips

Our experts have prepared some useful tips to help you in work with valuebets. So, for a successful start you need:

1. Decide on the amount of the game bank. At the initial stage, 100-200 euros will be quite enough. You will gain experience, have learned better the strategy, and then increase the amount of investing funds.

2. Define a goal and choose a strategy. Eg., if you want to achieve an increase of the initial bank of up to 50% per month, you need, eg. to place 3 bets daily, 10% of the bank for each, with an average valuebet percent of 5%.

Important note! The above-mentioned strategy is just an example of how you can get a bank growth of up to 50% per month. We do not insist on exactly this variant of strategy.

3. Do not leave the distance prematurely. Many beginners stop working with valuebets after the first bet losses, and this is their mistake. As we have already said, valuebets bring profit in the long run and do not guarantee winnings for absolutely all bets. Therefore, it is very important to bring the entire game cycle to its logical conclusion, without stopping halfway.

4. Choose a reliable bookmaker / bookmakers. At the initial stage, it is enough to have an account with at least one bookmaker. But you must be sure that this is a reliable bookmaker and you will not have any problems with it.

The thing is, there are some dishonest bookmakers that work great at accepting deposits, but create difficulties for players by a lot of verifications and wasting time when withdrawing money.

To find reliable bookmakers, we recommend looking at bettors reviews on specialized forums and betting communities. The bookmaker ratings will also help you. Nowadays it is not so difficult to find reliable information about a particular bookmaker.

Using these simple tips, you can successfully start working with value bets, and our scanner will always help you to find and calculate them.

To sum up

ValueBets is capable of boosting your efficiency while working with valuebets. The service not only saves time but contributes to increased potential profit.

Artur Polianskyi
For today Artur has 12 years of betting experience, and he kindly shares his knowledge with the readers of our blog. In his articles, you will find many useful tips for different strategies and learn more about all types of bets.
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