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What is API and how to deal with it

API is the outline of ways used for interaction between programs\websites\scripts. In other words we provide you with our data on surebets along with a setup and application guide. You can use the data to write your own script\program for betting automation.

REST API setup

1. You need to submit an application on the pricing page with the list of necessary bookmakers (up to 10 bookies) and surebets/valuebets type (prematch, live) to make use of the API.

Upon application, you receive a cost calculation of access to the API in accordance with the options chosen. The access can be paid in your Account when approved. Moreover, you can check the status of your application right in your Account.

Your request for an API subscription can have 4 statuses:
  1. On review - the application is pending (we usually consider the applications within 48 hours).
  2. Ready to pay - the application has been approved and awaiting for payment. This status is also displayed if your subscription comes to an end and you have the opportunity to order it again.
  3. Active - the application has been paid, the API subscription is ready to use.
  4. Expired - the subscription has expired.

Once you have your subscription Active, you get your private API Token listed on My Account -> API page.

2. Next, you need to adjust the data to your requirements: navigate to Multifilters in My Account and create a filter with required settings (bookmakers, sports, percentage, etc). For more detailed information on filter settings visit Manual => Multifilters adjustment.

[!] Remember your filter ID. You will need it for further work with the API.

3. The following step is checking the accuracy of data received: navigate to the API page (API Live, API Prematch), choose API type (surebets/valuebets) and apply the previously created filter to make sure everything is properly set.

4. Copy your unique token in My Account -> API. Token is an alphanumeric key to access the API data by the particular customer.

Please be aware that you get a new API token every time you establish a new session. So you should copy it manually from My Account -> API page every time your bot is restarted.

5. The above mentioned token and the recently created filter ID should be inserted into the Swagger documentation (arb-controller - for surebets and valuebet-controller - for valuebets). As a result - you'll get a link to the data according to your own settings.


In order to make that happen, press «POST» => «Try it out» in the Swagger documentation and fill all necessary fields in the list and press «Execute».

access_token: your unique token.
search_filter: your filter ID.

This is it, you’ve reached the result! It’s identical to the result you see on the API Live and API Prematch pages. Next, if you want to use the data to automate the surebetting process, you need to create a corresponding script/program and hook it up to our API through the generated Curl.