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Bookmaker Clones and Mirrors

Bookmaker clones

In your Account, Bookmakers tab you can find the list of bookmakers available together with settings (edit field). Most of the bookmakers presented in the list have their clones.

Clone is a bookmaker with the same betting line. Usually the interface and odds look much alike. But bookmakers with different interface and odds may also be considered as clones (only margin is different) as long as the line is the same. Clones may have different number of events or markets but usually 90% of them coincide.

In order to see a list of all available clones - you need to set the “On” mode in the “Show clones” field. After that, the clones would be displayed next to each bookmaker from the list, and the currently selected bookmaker would be highlighted in green.

For instance, besides the main bookmaker 10bet, you'll see its clones, such as Netbet, Comeon, Betrally, 377bet, etc. Herewith, the settings (edit fields for commission, currency, minimum odds, etc.) would be identical for all of these bookies, only the domain (URL) will change.

Mirror settings

Mirror is an alternative URL (domain) of the bookmaker. The mirror is used when there is no access to the major domain or the user like to get redirected to the certain domain but not to the one by default.

For instance, you can change the default domain for Marathonbet ( to the alternative one (like, and the redirect would take you to

If you are, for example, from Spain and your Bet365 domain is by default, it’s better to change it to the local

In case after the redirect you fail to access your bookmaker account or the redirect constantly takes you to the unlogged version of the site, you need to insert the very URL you see in the address field of the logged version (just login in another browser tab).

Example: redirect to Sbobet (default domain would always take you to the unlogged version. However, if we insert the domain we see when we’re logged in (like, the redirect would work to the logged version on the site.