Deleting Arbs from the Scanner

There are a couple of variants how to delete an arb from the scanner:

1) Hide arb;
2) Hide event;
3) Hide event in particular bookmaker;
4) Delete bookmaker’s outcome.

Clicking on the icon  in the upper right corner you see an additional pop-up menu for hiding an arb:


Hide arb - after clicking on this option, an arb disappears from the scanner. However, after odds have changed, the arb with these outcomes appears again.
Hide event - clicking on this option, all the bookmakers’ arbs for the particular event are going to disappear from the scanner. 
Hide event in … - the chosen bookmaker’s event is going to be deleted from the scanner.

Clicking on the icon  in the right corner of the arb you may delete a bet from the list according to the bookmaker’s outcome: 




After deletion is completed, the bookmakers' arb with such an outcome will never reappear, even if the outcome’s odds change.
Remember! All the deleted arbs and outcomes are going to be displayed in the sidebar menu. You’ll always have an access to your hidden and deleted arbs.