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Request Limit

“Request limit exceeded” - what does it mean?

We have a limit on the number of requests sent to the server. In order to stay within the limit we advise to open no more than three tabs or windows with the auto-update option on

What would happen if I open more than three tabs\windows?

When the limit is exceeded, the data refresh is put on hold. The more tabs\windows open, the longer the information will not be updated

Why was this limit introduced?

There are customers who use automated means to read the data. They should make an enormous number of requests to receive up-to-date information and this is why we imposed restrictions. As an alternative to that API subscription plans with a higher number of requests were introduced

What would happen if I regularly go over the limit?

Paragraph 2.k from the Terms of Use: “There is a limit of 800 requests to the server per hour for each account with a Prematch tariff and 2000 requests per hour for each account with a Live tariff. Exceeding any of the indicated limits is a ground for the immediate blocking of the user's account without a refund”

What is considered to be a request?

When the auto-update option is on, a customer receives updated information on Surebets\Valuebets Prematch each 5 sec and on Surebets\Valuebets Live - each 3 sec. Each update is considered to be a request, and there may be around 720 requests in Prematch and 1200 in the Live section. It’s impossible to exceed those limits working with one tab\window in the auto-update mode. But in case with two tabs the number of requests would be twice as high. When the average number of requests exceeds permissible limits, the customer receives a warning. There follows the suspension if no action has been taken.