Changes have been introduced to Valuebet profitability calculation - now the odds are converted to probabilities, and profitability rate equals the outcome probability difference (bookmakers for display) and the average value of the actual probability of all other bookmakers that provide the given outcome.

Let’s check out the example: Bookmaker for display provides odds for the opposing outcomes: 2.10 and 1.7 (47.62% and 58.82% probability). The average rate of the rest of the bookies on the opposing outcomes: 1.815 and 1.88 (50.88% and 49.12% probability).

Profitability rate = 50.88% - 47.62% = 3.26%. Besides, Valuebets are now displayed from -1% (previously from 1%).


So what should you do now?

To keep receiving the same amount of valuebets, bring down the profitability bottom line. Meaning, if you previously set your valuebets from 5%, now it makes sense to reduce the value to 2%.