ESports is steadily gaining popularity and, according to predictions of many experts in gambling, it can compete with football and tennis quite soon. We are aware of that and are already taking actions aimed at providing a high-quality product for eSports arbitrage:

  1. We have greatly improved eSports scanning. Now it is added to all possible bookmakers and markets (see table below).
  2. We have added GGbet, which specializes in eSports. This bookmaker is available for both Prematch and Live.

Therefore, you no longer need to search for eSports surebets manually. They are all available in our scanner!

We hope that pretty soon all the arbers would be able to evaluate the improvements and make sure that we are currently the best eSports scanner. However, we don’t plan to stop there and are constantly working to improve our service.

You can switch on eSports and GGbet in your Account settings.

Up-to-date list of the markets we scan in eSports:

Market name
Total for Team1
Total for Team2
Spread - Maps
Total - Maps
Total - Duration
Total - Barons
Total - Inhibitors
Total - Towers/Turrets
Total - Dragons
Total - Roshans
Total - Barracks
To Win at Least 1 Map home - Yes/No
To Win at Least 1 Map away - Yes/No
Round Winner in Map
Double Chance
Correct Score - Maps
Total Maps
Race to 2 rounds/kills
Race to 3 rounds/kills
Race to 4 rounds/kills
Race to 5 rounds/kills
Race to 10 rounds/kills
Race to 15 rounds/kills
Race to 20 rounds/kills
1st Blood
1st Tower
1st Dragon
1st Baron
1st Inhibitor
1st Roshan
First Map Winner/Match Winner
Win pistol rounds
Win both pistol rounds home - Yes/No
Win both pistol rounds away - Yes/No
1st Barracks
Both teams to kill a dragon - Yes/No
Both teams to kill a baron - Yes/No
Total - Double kills
1st Double kills
Handicap - Barons
Handicap - Dragons
Handicap - Towers/Turrets
Team1 to win by exactly 1 rounds/kills
Team2 to win by exactly 1 rounds/kills
Team1 to win by exactly 2 rounds/kills
Team2 to win by exactly 2 rounds/kills
Team1 to win by exactly 3 rounds/kills
Team2 to win by exactly 3 rounds/kills
Exact rounds/kills
Exact rounds/kills for Team1
Exact rounds/kills for Team2