What is surebet and how does it arise?

Surebet (arbitrage situation, arb) is a situation when a bettor can make profit regardless of the outcome by placing one bet per each outcome with different betting companies.
The simplest surebet is called 2-way arb. Only two (opposite) outcomes are participating here. It means, if one bet is lost, the other one certainly wins:

TO2.5 – TU2.5 (scored goals)
F1 (-1.5) – F2 (+1.5) (handicap for scored goals)


Where Do Arbs Come From?

The thing is that bookmakers set out different odds. Competitors, in their turn, whip them up to set out odds as high as possible. Thus, the common situation arise when odds are so overpriced that you bet on the outcome with one bookie and the opposite you bet with another. Therefore, you’re secure of getting your profit regardless of the game’s result.


Hard to Believe? Let’s check it out!

UEFA Europa League, Fenerbahce – Borussia. Sbobet sets out TO2.5 @2.02 and Marathonbet – TU2.5 @2.06.

Our wager $ 50.49 on TO(2.5) @2.02 and $ 49.51 on TU(2.5) @2.06. Revenue in case of every outcome is the following:

50.49 * @2.02 = $ 101.99 (scored goals 0, 1, 2)
49.51 * @2.06 = $ 101.99 (scored goals 3, 4, 5 …)


That is, betting $ 50 +$ 50 = $ 100 we get $ 101.99 anyway, and net profit will be $ 101.99 - $ 100 = $ 1.99.
The ratio of secure revenue to invested money is called Arb’s profit or percent. That is $ 101.99 - $ 100 = $ 1.99. And it’s easy to guess that betting $ 100, we earn $ 1.99. If we bet more, we profit more. 


Surebet Search 

It is possible to search for surebets manually and reckon them up on our calculator. But, it’s much easier to use automatic search and a built-in calculator.
Using our service you are able to find a huge number of arbs, see their profit and perform all the required calculations.

We have considered only 2-way arbs. However, there exist much more complicated ones: 3-way, 4-way etc. Now our site provides 2- and 3-way surebets as they are the most common.

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