What is a Double Chance Bet: 12, 1X, X2

Betting world is bursting with tons of popular wagers, and Double Chance bet is on that list. When it comes to betting equal teams, that’s the best call for newbies as well as for professionals.

Double chance meaning: 1X, X2, 12

Double Chance is a bet on two possible outcomes of a sports event out of three. Double result betting presupposes a wager on a couple of possible outcomes, which gives you a benefit of winning any of them. One can boost the chances of winning at the expense of the odds.

The double chance bet is commonly applied to evenly matched opponents. In this case, the gambler has a backup when it’s a tied score, or one of the teams wins. There no voided bets with double result deals.

Double chance falls into three potential outcomes: 

  • 1Х;
  • Х2;
  • 12.

The 1Х bet

The 1X bet implies wagering on a win of a host team, and a tie. It’s definitely a victory when any of the given outcomes pays off. Only when a visiting team wins, we lose our deal.

The X2 bet

When we’re certain that the visiting team won’t lose, we can easily wager on X2 - the visiting team wins, and a tie. Both options would bring profit, but if the host team wins, the deal is dead.

The 12 bet

The 12 bet suggests the win of one of the teams. Only a tied score would leave a gambler without a return.

Calculation example

One should encounter no difficulties calculating the 1х2 bet. It’s the same as when you calculate a single bet. Let’s check out three potential outcomes on the example of the 2020/2021 play-off semi final UEFA Champions League season between PSG and Manchester City. The default bet is $100.

Example #1: 1Х

The odds for 1X are 1.775. Here are the possible options: 

Double chance

  1. The bet wins when PSG wins or the game ends in a tie. The return amounts to $177,5 where $77,5 is net revenue. 
  2. The bet is lost when Man City wins. 

Example #2: Х2

The odds for X2 are 1.36. Possible options:

Double chance example

  1. PSG wins - the wager is lost. 
  2. The wager succeeds when Man City wins or the competition ends in a draw. We get $136 where $36 is net profit. 

Example #3: 12

The last deal is for 12 - the win of one of the opponents. The odds for the outcome are 1.308, which gives us the following scenarios:

Double chance bet

  1. The wager pays off when Man City or PSG wins. The return amounts to $130,8 with net profit of $30,8.
  2. A tied score would lead to loss. 

Double chance benefits

The double chance bets gained wide popularity due to some obvious reasons: 

  1. One bet - two outcomes. One should predict two out of three outcomes to succeed, which essentially reduces the risk. 
  2. The likelihood of winning increases. When risk goes low, the possibility of a bet being paid off goes up. The chances for double result make up 66% instead of 33%. 

Double chance downsides

Everybody knows trouble comes in threes as there are always some flaws when it comes to sports betting:

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  1. Low odds. The prices on a double result bet are significantly lower than the odds on a single outcome.
  2. Complex analytical accounting. A close review should be done to achieve good results. It’s rather difficult to identify an outsider capable of taking points away from a favorite. 
  3. Lack of highly probable bets. Sportsbooks usually remove such outcomes from the line. 

Double chance vs H(0) - main differences

Newbies commonly confuse double chance with zero handicap. Both deals have things in common given that both of them are made for two out of three outcomes. But odds and return options are what distinct them from each other. When betting a 2-way outcome, no return option is left, and a win is only possible in two out of three cases. Handicaps on the other hand would succeed only if the selected team wins, and the odds for the 2-way outcome would be much lower than for H(0). Anyway, handicap is better off betting in terms of odds, but the 2-way should bring much better profit.

Let’s check out some simple examples to figure out the double chance bet and zero handicap in sports betting: the 2020/2021 Champions League semi finals between PSG and Man City.

The odds for H(0) for the Man City win are 1.64 when the PSG win reaches the price of 1.36. In case of Man City winning, each wager would pay off but with H(0) the gain would be more substantial. When tied score, the 2-way would succeed and H(0) would get voided.

When making a wager one should certainly consider the bet type taking into account not only the odds, but the potential outcome. It’s always better to be on the safe side and go with the 2-way, but sometimes it's worth a shot on the handicap - it all depends.

Expert’s opinion

Double chance is rather popular and distinguished by low odds and high profit probability. Football is the best choice for this kind of bet as a tie with other sports is less frequent. 

It's crucial to understand that such a promising wager, which it seems to be, gives you no guarantees of safe return. It’s only possible with surebets. Though, it’s quite complicated to look them up by yourself. Surebet scanner is much more appropriate as it would save up your time and actually involve profit.

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For today Artur has 12 years of betting experience, and he kindly shares his knowledge with the readers of our blog. In his articles, you will find many useful tips for different strategies and learn more about all types of bets.
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Artur Polianskyi
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Artur Polianskyi
Jun 02, 2021
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