Individual Total Betting Explained

Most people outside of the betting world believe that you can only bet on one team winning over another and that's it. But, of course, this is not entirely true. In this review, we are going to address such a concept as “individual total”, which is often used in football, hockey, basketball, and other team and individual sports. As a result, you will be able to figure out how to understand and distinguish a certain type of individual total from each other.

Individual Total in Sports Betting

Individual total is a certain outcome that is responsible for the points scored in a match by one of the teams or a particular player. The individual total applies to almost all sports, since it has an extensive betting line. The most popular IT betting options include:

  • goals/pucks;
  • aces;
  • falls;
  • corners;
  • shots on target;
  • assists;
  • cards;
  • points scored.

Most of the betting selections on individual totals are in football, hockey and basketball. However, bets on the individual total over or under can be found in all sports, even in chess. And the most important thing is that all bookmakers accept bets on such outcomes.

Individual total

Individual Total Marking

Like other popular stakes, individual total has its own abbreviation - IT. Meanwhile, it also divides into "over" and "under":

  1. ITU — individual total under.
  2. ITO — individual total over.

This marking indicates a higher or lower number of points from the one specified in the bet. Let's look at a few examples for better clarity:

  • ITO 1 (0,5) — the first team to score one or more goals;
  • ITU 1 (0,5) — the first team not score;
  • ITO 2 (1) — the second team to score one or more goals;
  • ITO 2 (1,5) — the second team to score two or more goals;

Individual Total Types

Individual total has several types such as: 

  1. European total.
  2. Asian total.
  3. Exact total goals.
  4. Odd/Even.

All these types are not presented in every bookmaker. Basically, bookmakers provide only European and Asian totals, but it is important to know and understand other types as well.

European Individual Total

European Total is a standard bet on an integer or half value. It looks like ITO 1 (0.5), ITU 2 (1). If a bet is made on an integer value, there is a high probability of a bet return and lower odds.

European individual total

Asian Individual Total

Asian Total is a bet on a fractional value (0.25/0.75/1.25, etc.). It is indicated as ITO 1 (1.25) or ITU 2 (1.75). When betting on Asian IT, there is a possibility to get back only half of the amount you bet.

Asian individual total

Exact Total Goals

According to this individual total, the bet is placed on the exact amount of goals from one of the teams. Usually it has high odds, however, a high probability of losing.


Even/Odd is practically the simplest, most comprehensible, and little-used type of individual total. The bettor is asked to guess which score will be odd or even at the end of the match/half. Stake on this type usually tends to odds of 1.85-1.9. It should also be advised that bookmakers calculate 0 goals as an even number.

Odd-even individual total

Individual Total Tips

There is no way to build a specific strategy for betting individual totals, but you may certainly follow some rules and guidelines. Here are some meaningful tips:

  • take a closer look at the style of play of the team or individual player; 
  • learn the current game and physical form of the team;
  • analyze the latest matches between teams;
  • find out all the news on the staffing situation;
  • examine the motivational component for teams;
  • consider the weather forecast.

Try to analyze all the conditions and circumstances before choosing a bet on an individual total. Alternatively, you can use our total under/over betting cheat sheet presented below.

Tips to bet on Individual Total Over

  1. The team scores a lot.
  2. The attacking players of the team are in great shape.
  3. The opponents are weaker in terms of level.
  4. The opposing team has problems with the staffing, especially when it comes to the defensive line.
  5. Opponents have a weak/conceding many goals defensive line.
  6. The team is highly motivated.

Tips to bet on Individual Total Under

  1. The team prefers a defensive style.
  2. Opponents defend well and concede little.
  3. Lack of team motivation.
  4. The key players of the attacking line do not play in the match.
  5. The weather is too cold or rainy.
  6. Poor lawn condition

Examples of Calculating Individual Total Bets

It is far out to consider just one example and immediately understand how everything works. You need to dig a bit deeper and try several options with different events. As an example, we will consider the group stage match of EURO 2020 between the national teams of Spain and Sweden. All bets are taken at $100.

Individual Total Over 0.5

Let's bet ITO (0.5) on the Swedish national team with @1.85. The end of the match with no goals from the Swedes would mean the loss of our bet. If the Swedes score one or more goals, the bet wins 100 x 1.85 = $185

Individual Total Under 0.5

Here we are betting that the Swedish national team will not score. Bookmakers offer odds of 1.95. If the match ends with no goals from the Swedes, we get 100 x 1.95 = $195. In the case of one or more goals from the Swedish national team, our bet is lost.

Individual Total Over 1

Let's bet $100 on ITO (1) from the Swedish national team with @3.6. If the game ends with no goals from the Swedes, our bet is considered lost. If the Sweden team scores only one goal, we get a full refund of the bet placed. In the case of two or more goals from the Swedes, the stake wins and we receive 100 x 3.6 = $360

Individual Total Over 0.75

Now let's try the Asian handicap by betting on ITO (0.75) from Sweden at 2.28 odds. Basically, we place 2 bets of $50 each on ITO (0.5) and ITO (1). Therefore, there may be 3 outcomes:

  1. If the Swedes do not score, the bet is lost.
  2. If the Swedish national team scores one goal, we get only a “half-win”, namely (50 х 2,28) + (50 х 1) = $164.
  3. In the case of two or more goals from the Swedish national team, we get a full win: 100 x 2.28 = $228.

What to Pay Attention to When Betting Individual Total

Most of all, bettors place individual totals on football, basketball, and hockey due to the ease of calculating the possible outcome. Referring to other sports, everything is much more complicated and less predictable.

When choosing a bet on individual totals, it is necessary to thoroughly analyze the upcoming event, determine all elements affecting the game, and carefully review the statistical figures. And most importantly, do not try to test strategies because there is no in-depth scheme for IT.

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