The meaning of the total Odd/Even (evens) betting


The world of betting has collected a wide collection of betting options from casinos. One of such bet is an Even and Odd one - a typical option in almost any betting line set for any event. The newbie can mistakenly believe that the probability of a Total Odd/Even bet is 50/50 sharp, but this is not the case.

The chances of winning this type of bet depend on lots of factors, so you need to accurately understand the strategy. In this article, we intend to explain the meaning of the Total Even and Odd bet, teach how to wager a bet correctly, and give valid examples of using the bet.

What does Odd and EVS mean in betting

An Even (or evens) and Odd bets here means a bet wagered on the number of certain events in a match or a part thereof (a time/period/set/15-minute segment). You will be able to choose absolutely any value as an event: goals, puck scores, games, sets, fouls, cards, corners, etc. In fact, the interpretation of the bet lies in its name: the bettor is to choose between an even and an odd outcome according to the specified indicators.

The bettor may wager either an Even or an Odd bet either in prematch or in live mode. Before the start of the event, the odds set by the bookies for the indicated outcomes are often equal, but they do not tend to the value of 2.0. Due to the bookmaker margin, it is quite rare to find odds higher than 1.9 on an Even/Odd bet. Only regular time counts in the calculation of the outcome of the bet - no overtimes, penalty shootouts or ice hockey shootouts are to be taken into account when calculating the bet.

The Even/Odd bet is universal, but still, there are specific differences for each kind of sporting event. Depending on the type of confrontations and the selected events, the bettor will be able to count on either increased or decreased odds. And the chances of winning the Even/Odd bet are far from 50 percent.

An example of Odd and Evens betting in football, basketball, table tennis, hockey

For each sport, the Odd/Even betting differs slightly. Let's take a look at this betting strategy in the context of each separate sport.

Football (soccer)

Football (soccer) is the most popular and most convenient sport for Odd/Even betting. It has an extensive betting line with an abundance of possible events, its teams do not score too many goals, it is much easier to predict the outcome. the bookmaker odds for Total Even/Odd bets in football depend on the expected outcome: equal outcomes in the favorite/outsider matches, as well as lowered Even odds for equal teams events.

Example: let's take a look at the Premier League match between Man City and Chelsea. Before the start of the match, the bookies set their odds at 1.91 for an even outcome, and at 1.95 - for an odd outcome of the match. Let's wager a $100 stake on an even outcome.

Odd and Even bet

Now we have several outcome options:

  1. The match ends in a draw (0:0, 1:1, 2:2, etc.) - the bet wins, the net profit will be $91.
  2. The match ends with the win of one of the teams with the odd number of goals (1:0, 3:0, 4:3, etc.) - the bet is lost, the loss will be $100.
  3. The match ends with the win of one of the teams with the even number of goals (2:0, 3:1, 4:2, etc.) - the bet is won, the net profit will be $91.

There is also a football Total Even-Odd betting strategy combining two bets: the Even/Odd one, and the Total Over one. It is not guaranteed to make a profit, but it is very popular because of its simplicity and high chance of winning a bet.

In general, the bettors use the option of the Total Odd bet + Total Over 2.5 bet, since it is the least risky. There is a certain rule in this bet: you must choose the TO 2.5 events with 2.1 odds and higher. Only then you can significantly reduce the risks.

Let's take a look at the Total Even strategy using the virtual example of a match of equal teams. On the bookies set their odds for the Total Even at 1.91, and for the TO 2.5 - at 2.15. Let's wager a stake of $100 on each of the events. Now let's look at the possible outcomes:

Score 0:0 0:1 / 1:0 1:2 / 2:1 2:0 / 0:2 3:0 / 0:3 3:1 / 1:3 3:2 / 2:3
  Total even bet win loss loss win loss win loss
  Total Over 2.5 loss loss win loss win win win
  Net profit -$9 -$200 +$15 -$9 +$15 +$206 +$15

As we can see from the results, a complete loss of a bet may be possible only in the event that one of the teams wins with a 1:0 score. In three other options (a draw, and a win of any of the teams with a 2:0 score), we will get a small loss only, and in all the rest options, we will have a profit (in half of the cases, even a very tangible one).


Basketball matches cannot be treated the same way, because in Europe the basketball match lasts 40 minutes, but in the NBA, or in the Chinese league, it is 48 minutes. Hence the different performance rates: about 160 points in Europe, and about 215 scores - in other leagues. You will have to analyze a basketball match taking into account the peculiarities of its league.

It is almost impossible to predict the Total Odds bet in basketball, except you may try to catch the necessary outcomes in quarters in live mode. Experienced bettors say that you must wait until the last minutes of the quarter / half time (no more than 2-3 minutes before the end) and, seeing the course of the game, try to predict the outcome. For a full match, you may wager an Even/Odd bet, but only in the very end - not earlier than 90 seconds before the end.

Odd and Evens

Table tennis

You can wager an Even/Odd bet in table tennis, but on only two outcomes: for the entire match and for the game. In this case, the bettor may have the opportunity to bet not only on the overall outcome, but also on a specific athlete.

Experienced bettors always use the Even/Odd bets in table tennis exclusively in live mode, since it is simply impossible to predict the outcome before the start of the match. When watching the broadcast, the bettor may have the opportunity to predict the number of points, and it can also "catch" a good odds.

This type of bet is available at most bookies covering table tennis matches. At the same time, the market is almost constantly open, even at the very end of the event.

Some bettors manage to use the Total Odd strategy in table tennis, said strategy being almost identical to the football (soccer) strategy of the same name. However, you may need to be well versed in table tennis and be able to analyze the upcoming matches, which significantly complicates the simplicity of the bet.

Ice hockey

You can also wager the evens or odd bets in ice hockey. This sport is not deprived of betting lines, and its odds are quite good. Often bettors wager on the number of goals scored, but sometimes they can also bet on the number of penalties.

Ice hockey has its own Even/Odd betting specificities: team coaches often remove the goalkeeper if their team loses by just one goal at the close of the match. This factor may significantly increase the probability of an even number of scored goals, which is why the odds for this outcome are much lower.

Total Odd and Evens


The Even/Odd strategy is also popular in volleyball when the game is being wagered with totals. It is noteworthy that the bettor may not need serious knowledge in the field, for it is a literal lottery there. Basically, the bettors use the Even/Odd bets for chasing, relying almost entirely on probability theory and luck.

Should I wager the Even/Odd bets?

Most experienced bettors ignore the Evens and Odd betting due to low odds and misjudgment of the possible outcome by the bookies. However, sometimes the bookies make mistakes in favor of their clients, so it is important to learn how to correctly analyze the odds set for the match.

In football (soccer), this outcome is easier to analyze, while in other sports it is very difficult to predict the Odd/Even bet outcome. In most sports, the bettor is essentially just trying to guess.

It&rsquo's definitely not worth choosing a Total Odd strategy in bets for betting on an ongoing basis, since it is not suitable for getting a stable income. You must not count on luck, but rather conduct a deep analysis and choose an outcome that you are sure of.

The most correct way may be to choose the surebet strategy. Only with the help of this system the bettor may be able to make a profit, regardless of the outcome of the match.

Surely, it can take a long time to find suitable matches, but our surebet service will always come to the rescue. We analyze the betting lines of more than 200 bookies in 40+ sports both in prematch and live modes and provide our clients with data on existing surebets and valuebets. With BetBurger you will be able to beat any bookie!

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