Selection of arbs in the scanner

The efficiency of this strategy directly depends on the right selection bookmaker arbs in the scanner. That’s why today we’ve decided to give greater emphasis to this point.

What are arbs like?

First, let’s grasp the basics of arbs: what are they like in our scanner in particular.

Bookmaker arbs or arbitrage situations are divided into several types depending on the number of outcomes and on the beginning time.

By the number of outcomes

The ordinary arb comprises two outcomes (e.g. W1 - W2, TU - TO), but more complex 3way outcomes are also widely disseminated (e.g. 1-X-2).

Moreover, there are arbs with three intersecting outcomes. It means that in particular cases several bets on the same arb can win, or one bet will pass and the other one will be cancelled. The simplest example of such bet is 1X-12-X2.

We would like to points out that our scanner gives you a possibility to select the number of outcomes you prefer to work with.

By the beginning time

All arbitrage situations here are divided into Prematch and Live situations.

Prematch arbs occur in case the event begins over some period of time. This type is quite simple in use which is the reason why it so recommended for newbies.

Live arbs are arbitrage situations that occur at this point in time. Bear in mind that Live work requires certain skills because of the peculiarities of this kind of arbs (fast change of odds etc).

Our arb service comprises two separate sections for these arb types. Tariffs include different subscriptions to Prematch and Live on a jointly and separate basis.

Arb filter settings

Before moving directly to arb selection in your scanner you need to set your arb filters. If you have already started working with our scanner, you might have noticed that the filter not only allows you to set the number of outcomes but filter out some other additional criteria:

Therefore,arb’s percent option helps you to exclude less profitable arbs and arbs with too high yield from the layout. These situations usually appear because of bookmakers’ mistakes.

It’s equally important to include arb’s age as this option can eliminate outdated arbs from your layout.

Our scanner filters also allow you to display arbs by selected bookmakers and kinds of sport. Both these criteria are essential to a gambler. First one removes the bookies the arber doesn’t use, and the second - shows the sports the arber works with.

Advices on arb selection

After adjusting your settings, all you have to do is to select the arbs. For our part, we’d like to give you some useful advice:

1. Choose events from popular leagues. Betting great stakes on unpopular leagues can drag unnecessary bookmaker’s attention to your account and bring consequent sanctions.

2. Don’t bet on odds that are fundamentally different from other bookies. It can very well be a mistake or deliberately inflated odds that will not bring you any good.

You can use the adjacent odds option to view the odds on the arb from different bookmakers. Below you can find the example of the different odds on the same outcome:

3. Try to avoid arbs which can be cancelled. It’s better to bet on ТU(2,5)/ТO(2,5) than on ТU(3)/ТO(3) even if the last one is more profitable.

4. Better to choose arbs on the events that start sooner than others. It’s important to understand that the sooner the event ends, the sooner you get your bankroll. The beginning time option will assist you in this case.

5.Also you should pay your attention to arbs you can quickly bet on (with direct link to betslip).


Right choice of arbitrage situations in our scanner allows you to better manage your bankroll. You can also reduce the risk of sanctions for high stakes on unpopular leagues or inflated odds.

Artur Polianskyi
For today Artur has 12 years of betting experience, and he kindly shares his knowledge with the readers of our blog. In his articles, you will find many useful tips for different strategies and learn more about all types of bets.
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