Some differences in bookmaker rules

Meanwhile arbers gain important experience, they can also make certain mistakes in their work. The common one is when the gambler does not count with different bookmaker rules.

Today we’re going to discuss tangible rule variations and what can happen if do not consider them.

Rule variations by sport


You’d probably be surprised but bookmaker rules have so many variations by bet acceptance/calculation in football. Mainly it’s cup matches or Euro cup where with the score tied teams are fighting for advancing to the next round.

Thus, some bookmakers include only overtime in matches like these (90 + minutes added by the arbiter) when other include results of two extra times and even penalties.

There is also a difference in statistic rules, particularly in the number of cautions/removals. The snag is that some bookmakers include yellow and red cards only during the regular time, and other include during the extra time or even after the match. Moreover, two cautions may count as one removal at B1, and B2 counts it as two yellow cards.

By the way, bookmakers sometimes even count cautions given to coaches/assistants or replacement players. That’s why we recommend to check up the rules before betting even on football.


Apart from the above-mentioned football, different rules can appear in baseball. Maybe there are not so many of them but they exist and are fairly common.

Different rules are common when the bookmaker has given the pitcher for a particular match, and the pitcher has changed. The thing is that some bookies will cancel the bet at once, and other will keep the bet.


Often we can find a difference in tennis. It appears when the match was not ended because of some reasons (disqualification/trauma/weather conditions). Everything depends on whether your bet has gone through or not. For instance, there was a tie-break in the first set, and the match ended in second. Thus, your bet can win only with certain bookmakers.

Some rules (Pinnacle) say that bet on the winner can be calculated by the outcome of the event when it has been ended, but only if at least one set was played.

If you have bet on the win of the certain player but he was disqualified, Betfair, for example, will count your bet as a loss, and others will just cancel it.

Besides, our service has a function of notification about possible rule difference on the particular arb (marked yellow).


Interesting that this notifications are usually on tennis and baseball as these kinds of sport are having too many differences in bet acceptance/calculation.


Here some bookmakers include only regular time (3 times * 20 min) when others include overtime and even penalty shots.

However, you have to remember that totals and handicaps in hockey are integer (1.5 3.5 etc.) and can include regular time as well as overtime, as there is no tie in this sport.

Besides, there can appear some discrepancies in bet acceptance in live. For example, WilliamHill include only regular time when 10bet accept bets with ОТ and penalty shots.

One and the same bookmaker can count the score for regular time for preseason matches, but regular matches can count with OT and penalty shots as well. Such nuance should also be specified before betting.

Differences in rules are often observed in postponed competitions. Marathonbet keep the bets if the match was ended or postponed up to 30 hours. 10bet let the match be ended later but on the same day, otherwise bets would be canceled.

Some bookies keep the bets open on postponed matches up to 3 days. As far as we see, there can appear force majeure situations.

What if we don’t consider rule difference?

We don't know for sure. Nothing can happen or, you can lose a pretty penny. Everything depends on the score. Let’s imagine, we have bet on Live W1-W2 with Marathonbet and 10bet.

Win on Team1 at Marathonbet and win on Team2 at 10bet. And here we have made a mistake as have not considered rule difference. Marathonbet calculate bet by regular time, when 10bet include OT and penalty shots.

Therefore, we'd not have any problem if the match ends with Team1 or Team2 win during the regular time. At least one of our bets will pass.

And if the match continue with OT and penalties and Team1 wins - both our bets will lose, as we have bet on Team2 at 10bet.


As you may see, bookmaker rules have plenty of variations even on the most popular sports. If you don’t consider them, you can lose a pretty good sum of money.

On our part, we try to follow the rules and issue only those arbs you can not lose. But we still strongly recommend you to learn the rules of the bookies you play with and be attentive.

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For today Artur has 12 years of betting experience, and he kindly shares his knowledge with the readers of our blog. In his articles, you will find many useful tips for different strategies and learn more about all types of bets.
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