What to beware of arbitrage betting?

Risks accompany any activity related to money, and arbitrage betting is no exception. Nevertheless, a large number of arbers around the world successfully earn on arbitrage betting, so to avoid the risk is quite real. It is only necessary to understand all the details and to be patient, and our article will help you in this way.


Types of risks in arbitrage betting

1. Bets cancellation

The bookmaker may cancel a bet if the odds were mistakes: incorrectly marked any of the outcomes (for example, AH1 (+2) instead of AH1 (+1)), mixed teams or players. Any bookmaker can make a mistake, however respectable bookies cancel a bet is extremely rare. At the same time unscrupulous bookmakers sin the cancellation of bets even if the odds were correct. Therefore, it is important to work only with reputable bookmakers.

How to reduce the risk?

  Don't be seduced by the opportunity to bet on odds that are clearly erroneous. A vivid example is an arb with profitability more than 25%.

  First bet in less popular bookie. So you can be sure that it is still possible to put the desired amount at the required odd.

2. Arber’s mistake

Frequent mistakes made by the players themselves: mixed up events, the amount of stake incorrectly calculated, the bet is placed at wrong odds. Making a bet the arber should always be focused and attentive.

How to reduce the risk?

  Check all the information on arbs: odds, participants of the event, date, etc.

  If you are a newbie, don't bet on the competitions, which begin in a few minutes. You may not have time to correct any errors and place the arb.

3. Changing odds

For example, you have placed your first bet in one bookie and going to stake the second one in another bookie. However, the second bookie has changed the odd for the outcome you are interested in, and this arb has become unprofitable or less profitable. By the way, the loss in this case will be small — only 1-2% of the amount on which you have bet.

How to reduce the risk?

  Don't place an arb if the odds on event change very often.

  Learn how to quickly bet in several bookmakers, so that the odds don’t have time to change during the betting.

4. The error of our scanner

Sometimes, errors occur in the arbs due to improperly joined event. For example, due to the similarity of teams, the scanner mistakenly gave the team from different events in one arb. Such situations don’t occur as frequently compared to the number of arbs, which gives the scanner, but sometimes they are. These situations are called "false arbs".

How to reduce the risk?

  Always check the names of the teams in the arb with the names on the bookie’s website.

  Always check the odds of the surebet with the odds on the bookmaker's website.

  Always check the beginning time with time of the event on the bookmaker's website.

5. Maximums limitations

Bookmakers have a negative attitude to the arbs, and that’s why they cut maximums. On the one hand, the bookmaker’s position is understandable because an arb is a win-win strategy, when an arber earn in spite of the outcome, and the bookmaker, on the contrary, has a loss. Although, there are a number of reputable bookmakers that are neutral to the arbs (eg, Sbobet, Pinnaclesport, etc.). Having detected that you are working with arbs, a bookmaker may reduce the limit for bets to 1 dollar. Then, of course, you can forget about stakes on arbitrage betting.

How to reduce the risk?

  Round the bet amount to a whole number, for instance, place 55 instead of 55.66.

  Don’t bet large amounts on unpopular leagues (eg, Australia's third league or German’s second football league), as the bookie will certainly suspect that you are an arber.

  No matter how attractive incorrect odds, do not bet on them if you don't want to arouse the suspicion of the bookmaker.

  Try to alternate arbs with regular stakes. Once an arbitrage situation appears, it is logical that pros are beginning immediately to place required outcomes in the bookmakers. This may cause the so-called “load” – a situation where the bulk of bets are made on a certain outcome of the event, and its amount is significantly higher than the rest of outcomes taken together.

To sum up

To minimize the risks, we also advise to be acquainted with the following articles: Live – tips for beginners and Prematch – tips for beginners. Being aware of the possible risks and ways to reduce them, you will be able to successfully earn on arbitrage betting. We wish you good luck!

Artur Polianskyi
For today Artur has 12 years of betting experience, and he kindly shares his knowledge with the readers of our blog. In his articles, you will find many useful tips for different strategies and learn more about all types of bets.
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