What is a Round Robin Bet — Explanation


The bettors are constantly creating and upgrading a wide variety of strategies striving to find the perfect approach to betting. Some systems fail, but some of them come in really handy for bettors.

In this article, we would like to discuss an interesting strategy called Round Robin. We will not only analyse its basic principles and example of use, but also discuss the pros and cons.

How Does a Round Robin Bet Work

The aim of the Round Robin strategy is in wagering combined bets on several events at the same time. According to the system, the bettor needs to wager all possible combinations for a chosen event, covering a variety of outcomes and increasing the chances of success.

Due to the Round Robin system, the bettor is generate several parlays based on the chosen outcomes. With a minimum (3) set of events, 3 bets (AB + AC + BC) must be wagered, whereas the maximum number may be limited only by the bettor's ambitions. However, the experienced bettors do not recommend combining more than 5 events, so that no more than 10 accumulators are wagered.

The key advantage of the RR strategy is that with the correct prediction of the events’ outcome, at least one winning combination brings profit. If, for example, we correctly predict 2 out of 3 outcomes, then we are still to make a profit from one of the parlay bets. 

You must understand that Round Robin requires many bets and outcomes with higher odds because each combination of bets is considered separately.

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Therefore, bettors must define their own bankroll and evaluate the potential profit from the combined bets before using the system. The RR strategy is suitable for those who are looking for diversity and intends to increase the chances of getting profit from betting, and are ready for additional investments and a deep bets analysis.

How to bet with the Round Robin system. Example

For a better understanding of all aforesaid, let's illustrate the theory with an example. We've chosen three NHL matches: Boston vs. Washington, Pittsburgh vs. Chicago, and Vegas vs. Seattle. For each of them, we chose a single bet: win of Boston (1.82 odds), win of Pittsburgh (1.9 odds), and win of Vegas (2.23 odds). Using the Round Robin strategy with two combinations, we wager the following bets (we intend to wager €100 on each parlay for convenience):

Parlay ODDS
  Boston win + Pittsburgh win 3.458
  Pittsburgh win + Vegas win 4.237
  Boston win + Vegas win 4.058


This way we are covering all possible combinations of outcomes between our chosen events.

As a result, Boston and Vegas are winning their clashes, but Pittsburgh losing the match. Therefore, we got the following income from our bets:

  • Parlay №1: lose;
  • Parlay №2: lose.
  • Parlay №3: win, payout is €405.8.

The net profit from three parlays is €105.8 (we got €405.8, €300 of them being 3 stakes). It turns out that we got to stay in the black with just one successful bet. Moreover, if the "Pittsburgh bet" also won, the net profit increase by €769.

What do I need to Win with a Round Robin Bet?

As we said earlier, at least one combination of chosen events must win to get profit with a Round robin. At the same time, the winning parlay needs to bring enough profit to pay off all wagered bets.

Round Robin system provides bettors with flexibility and possibilities of covering different outcomes of chosen events. However, to achieve success, you must correctly analyse and select events with high odds. It is also important to take into account all possible risks, as well as control the size of bets in order to avoid big losses.


Generally, winning with this strategy directly depends on the accuracy of predicting outcomes, effective bet management, and the choice of profitable combinations.

Pros and cons of the Round Robin system

As every betting system, The Round Robin strategy has its advantages and disadvantages. We compiled a list of the most important pros and cons of the Round Robin system.


  1. Increasing the chances of winning: the RR system allows to cover all combinations of outcomes for chosen events, significantly increasing the likelihood of a winning bet. If not all of the selected outcomes are successful, then even one winning combination may bring you a profit.
  2. Flexibility and diversity: this strategy allows you to experiment with a variety of bet combinations, allowing you to improve other strategies and analyze results.


  1. Many investments are needed: the Round Robin system demands of the bettor to wager 3 or more parlays, which in turn requires a big bankroll.
  2. Potential losses: if several events will be incorrectly predicted, this may result in the loss of a big sum of money. You need to be ready for such an occasion. Moreover, betting on a large (10+) number of events at once may lead to the loss of a huge part / the entire bankroll at once.
  3. Difficult to manage: managing a huge number of bets may be difficult, especially with a large number of chosen events. It is necessary to carefully plan and analyze events in order to effectively control bets and manage the stake while betting with the RR strategy, .

Generally, the Round Robin system has both advantages and disadvantages, and its using depends on the individual preferences of bettors. It is quite important to be prepared for financial risks and carefully analyze all possible outcomes and odds before wagering bets. Only in this case the strategy may bring you profits.

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