What is a Betting Broker: best brokers


In the following article, we intend to explain in detail the essence of betting brokers, why they are needed, and how they can be used in profitable betting.

What is a betting broker in sports betting

A betting broker is an intermediary between the bettors and the bookmakers. The bettor through opening a personal account with a broker establishes a connection with lots of bookmakers. Simultaneous work with different bookies allows bettors to get the best odds, the key aspect for the arbers.

What is Betting Broker?

On average, up to 10 bookmakers and betting exchanges are connected to one broker. They fully guarantee anonymity for the bettor, and also take care of the cash flow between different bookies.

How does a betting broker make its profit?

The betting brokers generate their profit through attracting bettors to the bookmakers, as a fixed share in the volume of wagered bets. Some brokers additionally take a small fee from the bettors (in the form of a commission on wagered bets).

The betting brokers are not interested in the outcome of the event, they benefit solely from betting volumes. In this regard, brokers are loyal to arbers, because they often make big bets.


Best odds

With the help of betting brokers, the bettor can get access to the best odds on the market, since the broker often has a low margin, as well as a choice among a dozen bookies. Surely, with bets of a couple of thousand dollars, every percent in odds can play a significant role.

Increased limits

Having a broker allows its clients to bet larger amounts by splitting them among several bookmakers. If the market is large, then one may be able to wager up to several hundred thousand dollars per event.

Access to foreign Bookmakers

With the help of a broker, the bettor has the opportunity to bet in the bookie not available in its locality. This is especially true for Asian bookmakers for their good odds and huge limits. Such BOs are often only available through brokers.

Complete privacy

Brokerage services include anonymity - no one will ever know that you made the bet. This advantage is very relevant for professional bettor not liked by the bookmakers.

Opportunity to work with the bookies that have restricted / blocked you

All bets wagered through a broker can not in any way be linked to your name or account in any bookie. In other words, you will be able to continue working with the bookmaker with restrictions or blocking imposed on you.

Ease of account administration

The bettor only needs to create an account with the broker, the account allowing the bettor the access to all bookmakers connected to the broker. There is no need to register numerous accounts in different bookies, spend time transferring funds from one bookmaker to another, etc. The broker takes care of the administration.


The betting brokers have a number of undeniable advantages, but they have disadvantages too. Their main "cons" are:

  • limited betting lines, especially in Live mode;
  • a small number of sports in the line;
  • a modest choice of payment methods;
  • complex interface.

Best sports betting brokers

You can find heaps of different sports brokers on the internet, but not all of them are really trustworthy. We have collected the most famous and reliable of them for you to find your own agent easily! Best sports betting broker:


BetInAsia broker

This broker specializes in Asian bookmakers and world famous betting exchanges. BetInAsia list of available bookies includes Pinnacle, Singbet, JAbet, 18bet, Smarkets, Betfair, and more. The agent's minimum bet is only 5 USD, and there are practically no maximum limits. Additionally, you will be able to deposit amounts from 100 USD.


Asianodds broker

This broker also specializes in the Asian betting market. The company has been operating since 2002 and has an excellent reputation. The agent has a number of top bookies on its list: Pinnacle, SBOBET, SingBet, BetISN and 3et.

Asianodds broker is constantly expanding its betting range - at the moment, 9 kinds of sports and eSports are available there. The odds are provided by 7 major BOs. The service has a user-friendly interface and is completely free.

The minimum bet varies from BO to BO, but in general, you will be able to bet the amounts of 10-25 euros.


Asianconnect broker

Asianconnect sports broker helps clients from all over the world to access high limit bookmakers from Asia. This is the only agent allowing the clients from England to legally bet on the Asian market. The company has been on the market for over 10 years.

Asianconnect offers its clients access to top bookmakers, including Singbet, SBObet, Pinnacle, Penta88 and OrbitX. The minimum deposit for bets through their service is only 100 euros, and the size of one bet can start from 2 euros (depending on the BO).


Sportmarket broker

Sportmarket agent has been on the market since 2004, having proven itself well. The broker provides clients with an extensive line and high odds. The service cooperates with many bookmakers and betting exchanges, all of them not limiting nor blocking the accounts of long-term winners. That is why Sportmarket is so popular among the surebettors.

You have to pay for access the pro version of brokerage services, however, a free 14-day trial version is available for all newbies. Their list of available bookies includes Betfair, Betdaq, Pinnacle, Redzone, JAbet, Penta88, Singbet, and many others.

The minimum bet with Sportmarket is only 10 euros, while the minimum deposit amount must be 250 euros. The service also offers bets with a non-cancellation guarantee, but the minimum size of such bets is 1,000 euros.


3et broker

3et sports agent allows its clients to access good odds with the highest limits. The service offers odds at the Pinnacle or Maxbet level. This is a completely legal broker, it processes and fully controls deposits and bet accounting.

The minimum bet with 3et is 100 euros, but you must deposit at least 200 euros into your account. When calculating your bets, you may encounter minor discrepancies in the amount of winnings due to the automatic odds change and currency conversions.

3et is currently unavailable for clients from England, France, Spain and the USA.

Do a "betting agent" and a "betting broker" mean the same?

In the betting community, you may come across not only the "broker", but also the "agent" term. They're actually the same thing, so don't be afraid to use either term. Brokers are often called agents, since they are, in fact, agents in the context of cooperation between the bettor and the bookmaker.

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The betting brokers are very popular in the betting world due to their numerous advantages. The broker helps pro bettors to make additional profits, but on the condition of having a significant stake deposit.

And most importantly, you should work only with trusted brokers in your betting, do not trust any little-known services. With well-known agents, you and your stake will be completely safe, and your betting will be stress-free and profitable.

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