TOP 7 football betting strategies

Every bettor hopes to find its own best and most profitable betting scheme, inspiring a variety of new strategies to constantly appear around the world. However, not every bettor manages to find a profitable strategy for betting on football or some other sport due to almost every system having a chance of losing.

In this article, we intend to analyze the best football betting strategies, as well as give tips for getting a success in the world of betting.

The main specificities of football betting

First, let's understand the general concept of a strategy. A football betting strategy is a certain algorithm of actions created for the sake of making a profit in betting. Most of the well-known strategies are created specifically for football since this is the most popular sport in the world.

Almost every new "inventor" claims having a win-win football betting strategy. In reality, it can be absolutely the other way round, and the system starts failing after a couple of bets. Of course, there are football strategies with minimal risks, but it is quite difficult to find them in a variety of existing systems. To date, you can find dozens of strategies applicable to football betting:

  • betting on corners;
  • betting on draws;
  • total betting strategies;
  • score betting strategies;
  • betting on halves;
  • total even/odd betting football betting strategies;
  • betting on fouls;
  • yellow card betting strategies and more.

Such an abundance of various strategies can confuse a bettor, but in reality it is designed to help. You can’t just start betting on everything, this approach can only result in losses. football betting strategies help bettors stay afloat and avoid complete failures. Of course, they do not guarantee success, but they also allow to significantly reduce the chances of failure.

Are there win-win strategies at all?

Most newbies are sure that experienced bettors all have win-win football betting strategies at their disposal, but keep them a secret. In reality, there are practically no such strategies, most popular systems minimize the risk, but do not reduce it to zero. To date, there is a single one 100% winning betting strategy in the world - betting surebets.

A surebet means an opportunity to bet on the opposite outcomes of an event so that the bettor makes a profit regardless of the result of the event.

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Let's take a look at the surebet through an example. We will take the 2021 UEFA Super Cup match between Chelsea and Villarreal. One bookmakerhas set a 1.98 odds for the win of the English club (W1), while another bookmakeroffered its clients a 2.06 odds for the Spanish team not losing (X2). This happened due to the high popularity of the event and the attempts of BOs to "steal" new clients with increased odds.

Now let's move on to the calculations: let's say we bet 1,000 USD on Chelsea winning. Potential winnings are as follows: 1,000 x 1.98 = 1,980 USD. Now let's make a 960 USD bet in another bookmakeron Villarreal not losing, and in this case the potential gain is as follows: 960 x 2.06 = 1,977.6 USD.

As the result, we've wagered total of 1,960 USD on two bets, but with any outcome we are to get more (either 1,980 USD, or 1,977.6 USD). Yes, the winnings are not huge, but they are guaranteed in any scenario for the event.

The only problem of surebets is finding suitable events. This is a very time-consuming process, especially for those new to the betting world. Thankfully, there is the BetBurger service in the modern world, collecting and analyzing information from more than 200 BOs, and providing clients with a list of current surebets.

Top tips from BetBurger

Effectively, any strategy in the betting world boils down to the fact of needing to carefully analyze the event manually. As we have already said, only when betting on surebets, you do not need to analyze events at all.

If you still decide to use some other strategy not guaranteeing a 100% win, you might have to tighten up and perform a deep analysis of the event. When collecting information, pay attention to all details affecting the outcome. We have collected some tips that may help you predict the outcome of the event more correctly:

  • wager your bets in a calm state, do not give in to emotions;
  • carefully analyze the previous events of opponents, including face times;
  • research the lineups of the clubs;
  • check the news on internal team conflicts;
  • take a closer look at the weather conditions, the speed and quality of the event depends on the weather;
  • do not choose too small odds (the 1.2 - 1.4 ones).

Strategy overview

We have collected 7 of the most common and proven systems popular with both newbie and professional bettors.


The catch-up strategy in football betting is an all-time favorite among many bettors. The essence of this system is to double the amount of the next bet if the previous bet is lost. After winning, the betting stake is to be set down to the initial level. This football betting strategy is also used for accumulator bets.

This strategy has only one significant drawback: you can very quickly "bid farewell" to your entire stake with 5 or more losses in a row.

Value bets

The value betting strategy means searching for events incorrectly valued by the BOs. More specifically, the odds set by the bookmaker are to not correspond to the real probability of the event's winning outcome (as wagered by the bettor). To calculate the value of the bet, you can use the following formula:

V x K > 1

where V means the probability of the event's winning outcome in percent (as wagered by the bettor), and K is the odds set by the bookmaker for the event.

After calculating the formula, you get the final indicator, which must be higher than 1. If so, then the bet is considered a value bet.

Betting on the favorite

The strategy of betting on the favorite is very common in football betting, since (literally) any bettor starts its betting career from this milestone. The system is designed exclusively for a long run, since the odds for an obvious favorite winning are always quite small. At the same time, the bettor must be well versed in the pre-event lineups and the state of the teams the matches. Often, the bettors choose a single "top club" for themselves, and bet on it throughout the season.

TU betting

The total under betting strategy in football is to be wagered in live betting mode. The bettor is to follow the course of the events in live, and wager its bets on TU at certain moments. There are a few key points to keep in mind:

  • avoid friendly fixtures;
  • do not bet on matches between obvious favorites and underdogs;
  • wager your bets 15-20 minutes before the end of the half;
  • do not bet with an abundance of dangerous attacks in the match;
  • close your bet on a red card from either side.

This strategy has been developed for the long runs.

TO betting

The total over football betting strategy is very similar to total under betting, except for the very essence of betting. This football betting strategy is most applicable in lives, so the bettor must monitor and control the course of the events. There are also a number of basic rules for TO betting in live mode:

  • avoid duels between two underperforming clubs;
  • research lineups for the absence/presence of main defenders and forwards;
  • wager your bet only after the first 25-30 minutes of the event;
  • do not bet on a match with less than 4-5 shots on target in the first 30 minutes;
  • bet only with an abundance of dangerous attacks (the side does not matter);
  • a red card is a great reason to wager a TO bet.

BTTS bets

Both to score football betting strategy is often used by experienced bettors well versed in team performance. The principle of the system is based on a thorough analysis of opponents in terms of statistical performance. Additionally, the experienced bettors recommend to always choose odds not lower than at least 1.9 for BTS betting.


We have already told you about the strategy called "surebets". In short, the bettor needs to wager its bets on the opposite outcomes at odds allowing to remain "with profit" in any case. To do this, one needs to have accounts in several BOs, because the surebets are to catch the difference in odds between different BOs only. To search for suitable events, use the BetBurger service, it can do all your "dirty" work for you.


The world of betting has lots of betting strategies, especially for betting on football matches. However, only a single one of them can guarantee a profit for a bettor, the betting surebets strategy. All other systems can only reduce the probability of failure, that's all.

Of course, betting with surebets is never easy if you search for them manually. However, the bettors can always turn to BetBurger for help, the service will help to simplify the process as much as possible.

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