For a better understanding of what value bets are all about, first let's look at the process of betting odds formation:

All bookmakers include margin (safe profit) in their odds. It means that bookmakers intentionally understate the probability of a particular outcome to gain profit in any scenario. Therefore, the odds for equivalent events are usually not @2.0 – @2.0, but @1.92 – @1.92 (at best).

However, it may also happen that bookmakers put overstated odds on specific outcomes. This may be due to their untimely reaction to the change of match development (penalty, corner, player replacement, etc.). The essence of value betting lies in the search for such overstated betting odds.


How Valuebets scanner operates


Our Valuebets scanner simplifies the work with the above-mentioned game system and performs all time-consuming process of searching for undervalued events.

You just need to choose a bookmaker you expect to find undervalued outcomes, as well as exemplary bookmakers that will be used by the service to identify such outcomes.

It is also possible to set up a filter for 27 sports, min and max yield, age and some other options. More details about our Valuebets functionality you can find in the Manual section.


Why value bets are profitable



1. On the chart above there is a clearly demonstrated efficiency of valuebets on the long run. Our experts’ research shows that the strategy may bring over 10% revenue per month!

2. Valuebettors are more difficult to determine than surebettors, and therefore, their betting accounts usually exist longer without any sanctions.

3. You don’t need to open accounts in a large number of bookmakers - 2-3 sportsbooks would be enough.

4. Using our Valuebets functionality, you can always find a lot of undervalued outcomes because we analyze over 100 bookmakers’ lines.