Dear friends! We are happy to announce that we have taken into account all your suggestions and recommendations on the ValueBets functionality, and have carried out a thorough work on its improvement.

The updated ValueBets tool allows you to greatly improve the value betting efficiency. This, in turn, would result in a positive impact on your potential earnings.

Read the Manual section to get more details on how to work with the updated ValueBets tool.

In order to get started with the updated Valuebets functionality, switch to the Pricing page and select the most suitable subscription option.

What's new in the updated ValueBets tool:
  1. ValueBet profitability calculation added. Now we have a possibility to display valuebet yield in the layout. Check out our blog to see the formula to calculate valuebet yield with illustrative examples of the process of using our service.
  2. Simultaneous use of several filters. You can create several multifilters with different settings for different sports and leagues.
  3. The Accounting option added. This feature greatly facilitates keeping statistics on bets you’ve made.
  4. Sorting by the value bet yield and index added. Sort your layout in the way profitable ValueBets appear on the top.
  5. Enhanced multifilter settings. You can set all parameters you require for more effective work with overstated odds.