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How to Start Earning on Arbing

This article is a guide to help you get started as an arber and avoid common mistakes typically made by beginners.

As you already know, surebets are mathematically calculated arbitrage situations that allow placing bets on all the opposite outcomes of the event in different bookmakers so that the arber gains profit from the winning bet even after the losing bet has been deducted, making it profitable regardless of who won the game.

Where to start: the arber's first steps

Anyone new to arbing should start with the following:
  1. Decide on the amount of the initial bank.
  2. Choose bookmakers.
  3. Determine the preferred type of arbitrage situations (prematch or live).
  4. Customize arbs feed in the scanner.
  5. Come up with a strategy.
  6. Spare time for work.

Decide on the amount of the initial bank. For a successful start, €200-300 evenly divided between the accounts of bookmakers would be enough.

However, it is important to understand that the larger your bank, the more profit you may get. At first, it's not unreasonable to expect to earn 45-50% of the bank monthly. As you progress, this percentage would decrease slightly due to the increase of the bank itself.

Choose bookmakers. To start things off, it would be enough to have accounts with five bookmakers. The most arbitrage-friendly bookmakers are Pinnacle and Sbobet. Given that arbs between these two bookmakers are extremely rare, it is better to use a few more sportsbooks.

We advise to work with these bookmakers:

Live: Sbobet, WilliamHill, Pinnacle, Marathon, PariMatch, 12bet, 188bet, 10bet, Unibet, Bet365.
Prematch: Pinnacle, Bet365, Sbobet, Marathon, WilliamHill, PariMatch, Fonbet, Unibet, Betfair.

More details about how to choose bookmakers for arbing in our next article.

Determine the preferred type of arbitrage situations (prematch or live). Many experts recommend starting with prematch, and so do we, because this type is much easier to work with for people new to arbing.

The main benefit of prematch arbs is a slow change of odds. Therefore, there is plenty of time to make all the necessary bets. To ensure the fastest possible turnover of funds, we recommend using the sorting of arbs according to the event start time. This way, you'll not be locked into waiting a week for a match to happen to unlock a portion of your bank.

After gaining some experience, arbers usually get into Live arbing since it’s much more profitable and less risky to get in trouble with the bookies. More on that and how to avoid it can be found here.

Customize arbs feed in the scanner. Usually, it's no rocket science when it comes to settings. All you have to do is to set profitability rate in your Multifilter, then the outcomes and bookmakers you’re going to work with, and you're all set!

However, should you have any questions or experience difficulties, you’re always free to ask. Our customer support people are always happy to assist you.

Come up with a strategy. Not having a strategy harms your profit because even if you're using arbing software to gain access to profitable situations, you're not working through them consistently. That’s why arbers are advised to maintain a certain tactic when working with surebets.

For instance, one of the most effective strategies is betting 50% of your bankroll every day on arbs with an average profit margin (e.g. 3%), allocating 10% of your bank on one arb.

Let’s imagine our bankroll is €1000. In this case, we bet €500 every day (€100 on one arb). Here is a specific example:

That’s the basketball match arb between Hamburg - BG 74 Gottingen. We share €100 between two bets – 56.70 + 43.30 (our calculator would help you decide on a correct amount).

Wait till the match ends and get at least €3.76 profit, guaranteed. If you bet five arbs like that, each day you get approximately €18.8, and each month - around €564, which is over 50% of our initial bankroll. You hence not only cover subscription expenses but get sizeable profit as well – all in the first month.

Spare time for work. We advise setting around 20 h per week aside for arbing. That includes searching and betting.

Sure, some resources and services claim you need only a couple of hours. But spending less time on arbing means getting less – if any – profit.

Bottom line

Today we’ve covered some basic principles one should stick to to be a successful arber. As you can see, that’s not too hard to figure out as it may seem initially. Moreover, if you use our scanner, you save so much time and make even more.