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What is surebet?

Before starting to work with surebets, it is necessary to learn more about it. In this article we will present you a detailed information about arbs and give some valuable tips for newbies.

What is an Arb (surebet) and How Does It Appear

Surebet (arb) – is a mathematically calculated arbitrage situation allowing making stakes on all the opposing outcomes of the competition in different bookmakers. You earn in spite of the outcome!

There are several reasons of arbitrage situation appearance, here are the main ones:
  • Overstated odds as a result of bookmakers’ competition.
  • Bookmakers can not keep track of one another's actions and give different odds.
  • Bookmakers’ mistakes that lead to false odds output.
If you want to learn more about arbs and their work, check out the other detailed article about surebets.

Surebet example

For example, one bookmaker offers @ 2.17 for AH1(-1.5) in Arsenal Tula - FC Tambov clash, and the second – @ 2.31 for AH2(+1.5).

Our bankroll for this surebet is €100, €52 of which we bet on AH1 (-1.5) and €48 on AH2(+1.5). Then, let’s calculate:

AH1(-1.5) – €52 * 2.17 = €112.84 = €12.84 net income.
AH2(+1.5) – €48 * 2.31 = €110.88 = €10.88 net income.

Thus, regardless of the result of the match, our profit will be either €10.88 or €12.84. All this is thanks to the surebet, on which we have bet.

Types of Surebets

Prematch surebet – is an arbitrage situation, which arises due to the odds difference before the event.

Live surebet – is an arbitrage situation, which springs up due to the odds difference in Live Betting (stakes during the game on).

Of course, each of these surebet types has its own pros and cons, which we would like to tell you about in more detail today.

The Main Differences between Prematch and Live Surebets

Prematch surebets are placed before the event (match, race etc.). On Live it’s a bit different; you have to bet during the ongoing competition.

In Prematch odds are changing much more slower than Live ones. Therefore, newbies are advised to start from Prematch surebets as it’s easier to make it on the required stake.

On Live one may find more profitable arbs than on Prematch. This is due to the fact that bookmakers don’t have time to keep track of all the odds in Live mode. As a result, there are a lot of overstated odds, and one may calculate a large number of profitable Live arbs.

On Live it is pretty hard to identify you as an arber, as bookmakers have no time to analyze your stakes. Accordingly, the risk of your account to get limited is much lower.

Bankroll return and profit growth on Live comes much more rapidly than on Prematch. All you have to do is to wait till the match ends and get your money. On Prematch you will have to wait until the match starts and get your earnings only after a couple of days.

If you want to learn more about surebets and how to work with it, click the Next button to go to the second article from our educational cycle.