Newbie guide: Where to start?

The given article is intended for newbies to get answers to common questions. We will try to answer them, particularly, how to profit from surebets, withdraw money from bookmaker accounts etc. Also, we’ll give some valuable tips to minimize loss at the start. 

If you fail to find the answers in the guide, please feel free to contact us!


1. What is Surebet or Arbitrage?

Arbitrage (surebet) is a particular case of arbitrage arising on betting markets either due to bookmakers' different offers or simple errors. When conditions allow, placing one bet per each outcome with different betting companies, the bettor makes profit regardless of event's outcome. (


2. Is It Legal to Arb?

Arbing is absolutely legal. It doesn’t differ from usual betting. Bookmaker offers a price, you admit it and bet eventually. Arb Services and services that search for best odds are similar to those in FMV.


3. If It’s So Profitable, Why Doesn’t Everyone Do That?

Firstly, not everyone knows. Secondly, not everyone believes it be possible to earn on betting surebets. Thirdly, every means of earning has its pros & cons. All in all, arbs are good for extra earnings. Capital profitability is pretty high when risk is moderate.


4. In Chase of Arbs

We have ‘Prematch’ and ‘Live’ sections where you may find lots of surebets. Info on how to use it you’ll find in the following articles.


5. How Long Does It Take to Earn?

Specific sum depends on money you’re ready to invest. Of course, the more you give, the more you get. However, taking into account percent of the sum provided, you’ll earn much more in percentage terms on the small sum then on the large one. That is because of bookmakers’ restrictions. Small wagers usually have fewer limitations, so bankroll rapidly grows. One may make 10-15% every month.

How much time would it take depends only on you and on your disposable funds. In the beginning, 1-2 hours would be okay. But when your bankroll gets larger, you will contribute much more of your time. The most pleasant thing is that your return is at once seen in the calculator. It’ll help you determine the needed time.
What Successive Steps to Take not to Lose One’s Money?
First of all, we utterly recommend you to read our Newbies Guide. Here you may find all popular questions and answers to them. It’ll help you avoid terrible blunders from the very beginning.


6. Where to Start? Best Bookmakers to Deal With

When you have familiarized yourself with our guide, you can create an account at sportsbook and start betting. Moreover, there is a well-known resource where you may choose for yourself the most reliable betting companies. Remember that different punters prefer risky deals. It’s up to you whether to win with a great risk or bet on reliable bookie. Anyway, it’s extremely dangerous to keep money in shady bookmaker companies.


7. Which Bookies Have the Best Withdrawal Terms?

Usually, upgraded bookies have the best withdrawal terms. Many demand different document scans, but that only increases your safety.


8. They Are Not Chasing Arbers!

Pinnacle and Sbobet are among approved and reliable bookies. Betfair is also on the list. All the rest come up with false obstacles for gamblers like maximum bet limitation.


9. Bookies To Bet

More bookies you have on your list, more chances you have to profit from arbing. It is advisable to include Pinnacle, Sbobet and 188bet for a start. 

10. Initial Investment

You have to understand that your revenue directly depends on your investment. As surebets usually emerge with one of the binding bookmakers, the most of your money you should hold exactly with them. The lower is the wager, the less attention it attracts. Remember that free withdrawal from Pinnacle is performed only once in a month. Next withdrawal is commissioned at $15 or €12.


11. Initial Wager 

If you’re a freshman, it’s better to gamble small amounts. When you already confident in yourself, you can increase your stake as well as the number of bookies.

Odds Better Not To Take Up
Freshmen are not advised to play high odds. It’s better to perfect one’s skills with 1-5%. You may bet arbs higher than 10%, but if you’re 100% sure that the betting company don't cancel your bet. For instance, there was an ‘error in the line’. Pros usually know which bets are paid back and which are turned down. So, for a freshman, it’s better to omit high percent arbs.
There are more low-percent arbs. That’s why there are so many bets. The decision depends on the bankroll. If it's too small, you better bet high-percent arbs.
RIO Sorting would be a good mate at a time of limited bankroll. It considers not only arb’s percent but the time when money would be returned to the account and you would be able to bet again.


12. Huge Risk in Conditions of High Percent

A. Bookmaker made a mistake (e.g. instead of ‘TU 100.5’ he set ‘TU 1005’), so the bet would be cancelled which is usually determined like ‘error in the line’.

B. Our scanning was wrong. Such situations are called ‘false arbs’. For instance, scanner gives out different team results in one arb because of their likeness. We do all our best to provide you with valid information without ‘false arbs’. However, it’s still hard to foresee everything.

C. High-percent Live arbs have extremely short period of validity. That’s why you may not be able to cover the bet. First wager is better to make when the odds are overstated. Professionals know how to determine it. Newbies may try their luck with Pinnacle, Sbobet and 188bet only when they have already covered the bet. There are some nuances but still, it’s better to stick to this rule.

I any case, high-percent surebet is worth betting when you've taken a couple of steps:

- check up if the same teams are participating 
- make sure indicated odds available within all the bookmakers
- make certain that bookmaker won’t cancel your bet


13. Be Careful Not To Be Blocked Up

Don’t wager huge sum on the same surebet with shady bookies. Doesn’t matter how attractive the arb is, you may simply “kill” your account. Keep your account from betting small. Withdrawal always attracts bookmaker’s attention. Therefore, desirable to draw money out only in extreme cases.


14. Bookmaker Info

The list of bookmakers available on our site you may see here
Also, there are lots of different rankings available on the Internet. One of the most popular is SBR Rating

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