Payment system: Skrill (Moneybookers)

Skrill (Moneybooker) is an online payment system that allows payments and money transfer between Skrill users. It was established in 2001 by Investcorp Technology Partners situated in London.

It’s pretty easy to sign up if you have a mailbox (desirably with “.com” domain). All your personal information, payments, correspondence with the company would be stored there.

The very process of registration is almost the same as on any other website. You would have to enter your personal data, login, password and suitable currency. If you open your account to make bets, it’s better to choose dollar or euro.

Considering that your activity on the website would include payment operations, it is strongly recommended to give only true information about yourself.
After you sign in, the letter with account activation link would be sent to your mailbox. The link is valid for 24 hours. The system automatically sets you a limit of transactions (maximum sum you are allowed to transfer). As a rule it's 1000 .

You may increase your limit in several ways. It is possible to do it by verifying your home address, your credit card and bank account. Actually, it's very simple. You’ll receive a letter with the code to enter it on your personal Skrill page.

vFor credit card verification, you would have to transfer money from it to your Skrill account.

Bank account verification differs depending on a country and its consolidated laws. There are some countries which are forbidden to open accounts in (foreign banks). That’s why you would have to enter your personal bank account data in Skrill system. Afterwards, withdraw a certain sum from Skrill to your bank account (at least $15). Also you’ll need to load screenshots of your electronic bank account with your first and last name, number and money transferred.

Every money withdrawal costs you a 1.90% fee. Though, money transfer from Skrill to your bookmaker’s account is free.

Why do you need to increase your limit?

The limit is valid for 90 days. All payment operations would be summed up and form your transaction list. And as long as you use up your limit, you won’t be able to perform any transfers.

There is also a VIP-account that guarantee money pay-back in case your Skrill account is hacked. The company should be confident in you and may ask for some additional documents – be ready for that.

Skrill (Moneybookers) system is very popular among players. But before creating an account, please get acquainted with all the rules on the official website. Be attentive as any wrong operation may lead to blocking together with the remaining funds.

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