Configuration and use of Arb Helper

BetBurger, 19.07.2017 author
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Today we’re going to highlight the functionality of our Arb Helper extension, and clearly illustrate the process of its setting and use for arbing.

What is Arb Helper?

Arb Helper is an extension created by our developers for getting redirected to bookmakers, the main aim of which is saving your time and getting redirected with one click from the calculator to the betslip or event.

It worth noting that the extension has multiple useful options and settings which we’re going to describe today in more detail. First, let’s figure out the way it is installed on the computer:

Extension installation

Relevant version {{arb_helper_version}}

1) Download a zip-file with extension: {{link_to_arb_helper}}

2) Unpack the folder with the Arb Helper

3) Go to Chrome settings - Tools - Extensions (or insert chrome://extensions in the address field)

4) Activate Developer mode

5) Select Load unpacked extensions

6) Select the folder with the Arb Helper extension

Important point: after you’ve set up the extension, you need to renew the layout page. Thus, bookmaker addresses set in your account would be synchronized with the addresses on our site.

Extension setup

The Arb Helper menu consists of three tabs: General settings, Bookmaker settings and Proxy settings.

In General settings you can turn on/off auto transfer of the stake from the calculator to the betslip, set notification about the odds change. Moreover, you can select whether or not open the bookmaker sites in separate windows or tabs.

Here you also can set the location of the windows with bookmakers for 2- and 3-way arbs. Even if you don’t want to relocate them, it’s better to enter and save these settings again:

It has to be done, so while working with active windows one would not cover the other inactive one. You can divide the screen per 3 (the layout window + 2 bookmaker windows) or 4 (the layout window + 3 bookmaker windows) independant windows and set any location you like down to window expansion on your second screen.

In Bookmaker settings you can find the list of 35 bookies the plugin works with. The most of them have the direct link to betslip set by default. This option may be changed to “redirect to event”.

If you need to change the IP to enter the site of the bookmaker - you can write down the proxy address and port in the certain field.

What concerns Proxy settings tab, here you can set the common proxy for several bookies. It enables you to avoid using external apps to change IP, which may conflict with Arb Helper.

Using of extension

Add the arb from the layout to the calculator. Then set the necessary stakes and press the “Bet” icon .

Thereafter you’re redirected to the event or the betslip of the bookmaker, depending on the extension settings. The stake the same would/wouldn't be transferred, depending on your plugin parameters.

If the odds change before the bet is made, the extension would inform you with a special notification:

It worth noting that sometimes when you press the “Bet” button, the bookmaker sites open in tabs instead of separate windows. It happens when one of the bookmakers repeats itself in the arb. The same happens when one of the bookies is not on the list of plugin-friendly bookmakers.

To sum up

Arb Helper significantly simplifies and speeds up the process of arbing and helps to avoid possible mistakes while betting.

At the same time, bookmakers won’t see you getting redirected through the extension. Therefore, Arb Helper won’t increase the risk of bookmaker limitation.

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